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I Tried.... - Dúnedan
I Tried....
....truly I did....

Back in September last year, both my Case Manager and my Psych were starting to bug me again about doing a Course of some kind, so I finally relented and started looking at a few options

In October, I found a couple of Courses that I considered doing - Certificate IV in Library and Information Studies, and Batchelor of Social Science - in Victoria University, and set about applying for them

Well and good so far, or so I thought

I went through the process, set up a Profile on VTAC, filled in what I needed to, and paid the Application Fee of $90 (which I managed to get back from my Case Manager, though I had to wait two weeks for that), and then I set about waiting for a response....

In the months that followed, I got a few E-Mails from VTAC....basic ones, including one to follow their Blog (which I declined), until finally, in February, I get one from them saying "If you haven't heard anything from your chosen provider yet, go into your Profile and open it up to allow more providers to contact you" (at the time, I had it set for VU only)

That done....two days later, I get contacted by Swinburne

The VU Branch I was looking at was Footscray, though there's one in Sunshine, they didn't have the Courses I was looking at, and, while Swinburne (the main one in Glenferrie, not any of the other ones) was some distance away, it's still a decent Uni, and, of course, they were the first to respond (to this day, some 6 months later, I still haven't heard anything from VU!!)

So, I accepted the Offer (Diploma of Library and Information Services, in this case), and, on the 2nd of March, I went in to Enrol, and to attend my first Class

I had chosen Part Time, so it would be two days per week over two years

I really thought I could handle it....really I did....

I managed it for a month, but, the stress of going back to School after some 30 years caught up with me, and, last Thursday I sent both my teachers a message saying that I wouldn't be returning....they have yet to respond to that, but, today, I got a Text from Swinburne saying that one of the details I supplied was wrong....


That wait until a month later to say that??

Anyway....that's it....

I haven't told my Psych, and definitely haven't told my Case Manager yet....I don't know how they'd react....I'll drag things out there as long as I can and deal with any back-lash when it happens, I guess

That's the plan, anyway

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