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Neighbours - Dúnedan
Someone came over this afternoon, saying that they lived in the area, and were wanting to oppose a Council Decision....

Turns out that The Council were wanting to utilise at least part of a Park, and build Town Houses there instead....that in itself didn't seem to be what this guy was against, but rather, the extra traffic that would be the result from it....

I'll try and give you a vague idea of the area....there's the Main Road, and there's a number of Side Roads....one of which ends at this Park in question....

Where I am is a Crescent, parallel and two down from that one, so the likelihood of any additional traffic coming down *this* way as a result of that plan is kinda remote, I'm thinking

But....this guy was still opposed to the idea (he said "We", but I'm thinking it was mostly just "He"), and he was trying to collect Signiatures, and asked if I would be interested in signing?

I said to him that I wasn't, but wished him well in doing so anyway (being a polite way of me saying, "You want to go up against The Council?? Good luck!!")

His response, as he was leaving, was, "Well, obviously you don't wish me well with this if you're not wanting to sign"

Remember....this is some random guy that I had never seen before that was going door-to-door....sure, he had a clip-board and a number of lined pages on it, but, that could have been for anything

When he left, I couldn't help thinking, "Well, good luck getting people to sign with *that* kind of attitude" :-/

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