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Magpie Girl and I went in to Harvey Norman Broadmeadows yesterday with the intention of getting a couple of their cheap 10 Inch Tablets....only to be told that there were none in stock (this, despite the fact, that 5 were showing up in the Store Stock Listing)

I even told the Sales Clerk that I saw only the day before that, according to their Web Site, they still had Stock at that Store (trust me, I wouldn't have bothered otherwise), and was told that it was probably a Computer Glitch


The Sales Clerk proceeded instead to try to interest us in a 'Free' iPad (7 Inch, rather than 10 Inch), and she proceeded to explain what the catch was....

The catch was that you had to sign up to a Plan

No thanks....it being an iPad aside, I'm not interested anyway

When we got home, I again looked up to see if the Web Site claimed that that Store had any Stock, and, once again, it said yes....so....I Printed off that information, so that when we go in there tomorrow, we can confront the Sales Clerk with the information, and demand to see her Manager if necessary

We've also gotten on to Live Chat and confirmed there that that Store has Stock, so, if we get the runaround again tomorrow, I'll be sending a variation of this Post to their Facebook Page!!

That was Wednesday....

We had at least *some* progress today (Friday)....

Armed with the information that they were showing Stock available via their Site, we went back in to Harvey Norman Broadmeadows today, and there was a different Sales Clerk on duty....which may well have helped....

We asked for two of the Cheap Tablets, and, after he checked the computer, off he went to see what they had....only to come back a minute or so later with just one....even though the computer was showing that there were two of them available

When I queried that, he said, "One of them was a return", and left it at that

So....we got the one they had, and it is currently on charge, and we'll test how good it is after that :-)


After Charging, which only took a couple of hours, this Cheap Tablet seems to work fine....

There appear to be a couple of minor glitches while playing games, but, otherwise all seems good with it :-)

Just goes to prove that you don't need to spend $1,632 for the latest iPad, or $1,047 for the latest Samsung....this Neos Flek (yeah, I've never heard of them before either) 10.1 Inch, 16G is enough to do the job :-)

They're currently being sold for $76, but their usual price is $96, so I don't know how long that will last....or how long they'll be around for, at that price :-)

Oh....when we checked the Site yesterday (Friday), there were none left at Broadmeadows, so it looks like we got the last one there :-/

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As some of my Friends would know, I moved from Sunshine West to Broadmeadows a little over two years ago....

When that happened, I had to change to another Case Manager....partially because I moved to another area, but mostly, because the Branch of the Job Network Agency I was with at the time, lost their Contract

So....I started with an Agency called Workskil....even though, as I later found out, the Agency I was going to in Sunshine still had a Branch in Broadmeadows, who *didn't* lose *their* Contract

Go figure :-/


So, I started going to Workskil a few weeks after I moved here, and I just seemed to be getting the run-around....having one Case Manager for a few appointments, then getting a different one, then a different one again, then finally getting, who I presumed to be, my permanent Case Manager....only to be told, by her, a couple of months ago, that my next appointment would be my last with her

It didn't even get to that....when my next appointment was due, I was already re-assigned to someone else....who, as it happened, was actually one of the temporary ones I had a couple of years earlier, and who just lumped me into having to go into the office twice a week to do Job Search, which they were calling 'Job Club', but isn't, believe me

This, I could have easily done at home, which I even tried to tell her but she ignored me

If that wasn't bad enough, the following week I get lumped into something called 'Get Ready', with *no* notice whatsoever!!

The 'Job Club' was supposed to be Tuesday 10:00-12:00 and Thursday 13:00-15:00, and when I went in on the second Tuesday, the Manager comes in 10 minutes later to inform myself and a few others that we're doing 'Get Ready', which is 10:00-14:00....and this without any prior notice, mind you

Oh....and I'm *still* expected to do the 'Job Club' on Thursdays


So....a couple of weeks of this B.S. and I start thinking that I will be seeing a Transfer to another Agency if this keeps up....the clincher came this Wednesday just gone when my Case Manager tells me that she's putting my name forward for a vacancy, but only gives me vague details about what it is and where it is....

When I got home, I tried to figure out where it was and where the closest Public Transport was, as she said it was close to Public Transport, and I E-Mail her asking for more details....she responds by just giving me some B.S. excuse that, at the request of the client, she can't give me the address details....

So....I send her another E-Mail saying that, unless I know where they are so that I can see for myself what Public Transport may-or-may-not-be in that area, why would I be interested in applying for it?

I also tell her that, the next time I go in there (which would have been yesterday), I'll be talking to her about organizing a Transfer to another Agency

Less than an hour later, I get a call on my Mobile....from her Boss, confirming that I wanted to get a Transfer, and she gives me a number to call to arrange it

Nothing in the way of trying to keep me there....nope, it's like they can't wait to get rid of me

So....I called the number I was given, went through a few basic questions....why do you want to leave them....basically, because I felt like I wasn't being treated with respect....who would your preference be with....and they looked on their system....they only found one Agency with a vacancy, so, they set me up with an appointment, which was for today, and, so far, they seem to be *much* better

This new Agency is called AMES, and I mentioned to my new Case Manager, as well as the Recruitment Team, that my first job was with AMES....not sure if it's the same company or not, though, as that was over 32 years ago

I know one thing, though....during the last week that I was going to Workskil, a few of the others there were also talking about wanting to get a Transfer....I can only guess that they've at least tried to do so by now

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Goose: [describing the supercharged Interceptor that's idling, in particular the supercharger itself] You can shut the gate on this one, Maxie... it's the duck's guts!

Barry, MFP Garage Mechanic: [excitedly] She sucks nitro... with Phase 4 heads! 600 horsepower through the wheels! She's meanness set to music and the bitch is born to run!

Goose: [looking at Max just staring at the engine] He's in a coma, man!

I had been wanting to get back into Scratchbuilding for awhile, and, as it also happens, I had been meaning to watch Mad Max again for awhile as well :-)

I started by making use of a Toy that I got a few years ago via E-Bay as my main Reference

From there, I made use of an R.C. Car that I got locally, which was a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

From there, after enlarging a drawing I found online to the correct size, I started work on Scratchbuilding a new body for the R.C. Car that would ultimately become The Interceptor :-)

My apologies for this not being even as accurate a the Toy....my Scratchbuilding Skills (such as they are) were never really the best :-/

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....truly I did....

Back in September last year, both my Case Manager and my Psych were starting to bug me again about doing a Course of some kind, so I finally relented and started looking at a few options

In October, I found a couple of Courses that I considered doing - Certificate IV in Library and Information Studies, and Batchelor of Social Science - in Victoria University, and set about applying for them

Well and good so far, or so I thought

I went through the process, set up a Profile on VTAC, filled in what I needed to, and paid the Application Fee of $90 (which I managed to get back from my Case Manager, though I had to wait two weeks for that), and then I set about waiting for a response....

In the months that followed, I got a few E-Mails from VTAC....basic ones, including one to follow their Blog (which I declined), until finally, in February, I get one from them saying "If you haven't heard anything from your chosen provider yet, go into your Profile and open it up to allow more providers to contact you" (at the time, I had it set for VU only)

That done....two days later, I get contacted by Swinburne

The VU Branch I was looking at was Footscray, though there's one in Sunshine, they didn't have the Courses I was looking at, and, while Swinburne (the main one in Glenferrie, not any of the other ones) was some distance away, it's still a decent Uni, and, of course, they were the first to respond (to this day, some 6 months later, I still haven't heard anything from VU!!)

So, I accepted the Offer (Diploma of Library and Information Services, in this case), and, on the 2nd of March, I went in to Enrol, and to attend my first Class

I had chosen Part Time, so it would be two days per week over two years

I really thought I could handle it....really I did....

I managed it for a month, but, the stress of going back to School after some 30 years caught up with me, and, last Thursday I sent both my teachers a message saying that I wouldn't be returning....they have yet to respond to that, but, today, I got a Text from Swinburne saying that one of the details I supplied was wrong....


That wait until a month later to say that??

Anyway....that's it....

I haven't told my Psych, and definitely haven't told my Case Manager yet....I don't know how they'd react....I'll drag things out there as long as I can and deal with any back-lash when it happens, I guess

That's the plan, anyway

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We've been having Mouse issues here for the past few weeks, and Rent Guy has been saying that he'll get a Cat to deal with that....

It can't be just any kind of Cat, though....it has be a Kitten, and it has to be free

So, I go through Gumtree and send him some Links, and finally, he got one last night....all well and good, or so I thought

So, I'm playing with her this morning (because, as per usual, I'm the only one up), and a little while ago, I thought it would be nice to post photos of her on Facebook, but, when I told Rent Guy that I had done so, you'd have thought I'd done something unforgivably wrong

He's like, "I don't give a fuck about the cat" and "I don't care what the cat is doing"

He has no issue posting photos of the Dogs there, and even asking me to take photos with my camera and sending them to him in order to do so, but clearly, it's a different matter when it comes to the Cat

I'm just glad that I'm doing a Course at the moment, and thus am out for two days a week, if this is going to be something to be expected, and am also thinking of checking the Notice Boards at School to see if there's someone looking for a housemate, so that I can possibly get out of here finally

We'll just have to see what transpires, I guess

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Some time ago, I introduced Rent Guy to the fantastic world of The Reject Shop and similar....I have now since told him about Op Shops....this could get interesting :-)

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Nothing really much has been happening of late....same old shit, different day, sort of thing, as per usual, it seems....

About the only thing of Note is that The Owner came round recently, saying that he'll be removing the Garage at the back of this place with the intention of building another house there....well, I can only presume that he has all the necessary Permits for that, as I know from experience that The Council will only allow one Residential Building on a particular Property

Rent Guy has had a talk with him, and everything *appears* to be okay, as far as us staying here is concerned, but, it could also very well mean that we'll have to move again soon....

Rent Guy seems to be on that, as he often seems to be checking Rental Listings, so, we'll see what happens there, I guess :-/

Currently, he seems to be looking at Laverton....more so at the moment because it's a different Council to here than anything else, I think....


I'm not too worried....Rent Guy still says that he'll take me with him wherever he goes, so, there's *that* security, at least

Granted, I'd obviously much prefer a place of my own, but, there's no way I'd be able to afford The Rent by myself, so, I'll take what I can get in that regard :-/


Aside from that....

I recently got 'He Died With A Falafel In His Hands' for my Kindle, and have since read that....

I've seen the Movie a few times, so I figured it was about time that I read the Novel as well, and yes, while I haven't lived in as many places as the Author seems to have, I can definitely see myself in a number of those stories :-/

I've also gotten the Sequel to it, 'The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco', and am about halfway through that one, and I have since been inspired to write my own version....just writing it, at the moment....probably won't try to Publish it, but, ya never know :-)

The Postings I've made here over the last three years (as it *really* been that long??) should help in that regard....when I eventually get to that stage, that is, as currently, I'm up to some 12 years ago, but, I'll get to 'here' eventually :-)

I *should* manage okay with my Postings here, as well as some Notes I made some years ago....kinda hesitant to ask Rent Guy to help me with any details I may have forgotten, as you can probably imagine :-/

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Well, form the time I posted that I would like to get a Pen Pal, I've not had much luck in getting a decent one....

I've become a Member on a few Pen Pal Sites, and have even listed an Ad, including my Address, on one particular Site, and have had very varying success, to say the least :-/

Some six months or so ago, I made a Writing Folio out of Leather, with the intent of taking the Pen Pal thing a tad more seriously, and, posting Ads in various Forums, including a Trek one, I managed to get some responses....or so I thought....

At the time, I got a response from someone in Bavaria, and one in Canada....both of whom claimed to have sent me a letter....but....some six months later, I'm still waiting for the one from Bavaria to arrive....call that the fault of Australia Post, or some other issue....difficult to say, really...

I *did* get the one from Canada, but, haven't gotten anything since :-/

In the mean time, I've received a few E-Mails from people claiming to have gotten my details from Sites that I didn't even know I was a Member of....mostly from Russia, for some reason, though one I got from Ukraine

I've even written to a couple of people on the Site that I put my Address on, and had started getting responses to that, and also had one from Germany contacting me that way, but, they didn't seem to last, for whatever reason :-(

Today, I got one from Florida....from a Prisoner, of all people, claiming to have gotten my details from the International Pen Pal Club, which again, I didn't even know I was a Member of....I *am* a Member of Global Pen Pals, but, I don't have my Address there

Weird, to say the least :-/

Granted, I *had* considered doing the Prison Pen Pal thing as well, as I have a couple of Links for that, but, hadn't yet done so


With the increasing cost of the Stamps, not to mention the continued lack of service from Australia Post (or, more accurately, the Australia Post Franchises - the L.P.O.s), I started thinking a few months ago that it was no longer worth the effort to continue with the Pen Pals :-/

I may yet change my mind and try to start up with them again at some point, but, at the moment, I'm thinking....probably not

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Someone came over this afternoon, saying that they lived in the area, and were wanting to oppose a Council Decision....

Turns out that The Council were wanting to utilise at least part of a Park, and build Town Houses there instead....that in itself didn't seem to be what this guy was against, but rather, the extra traffic that would be the result from it....

I'll try and give you a vague idea of the area....there's the Main Road, and there's a number of Side Roads....one of which ends at this Park in question....

Where I am is a Crescent, parallel and two down from that one, so the likelihood of any additional traffic coming down *this* way as a result of that plan is kinda remote, I'm thinking

But....this guy was still opposed to the idea (he said "We", but I'm thinking it was mostly just "He"), and he was trying to collect Signiatures, and asked if I would be interested in signing?

I said to him that I wasn't, but wished him well in doing so anyway (being a polite way of me saying, "You want to go up against The Council?? Good luck!!")

His response, as he was leaving, was, "Well, obviously you don't wish me well with this if you're not wanting to sign"

Remember....this is some random guy that I had never seen before that was going door-to-door....sure, he had a clip-board and a number of lined pages on it, but, that could have been for anything

When he left, I couldn't help thinking, "Well, good luck getting people to sign with *that* kind of attitude" :-/

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A few weeks ago, Rent Guy got a Crane Truck....this was ultimately what he was getting the Truck Licence for in the first place....

Now, he's been drving it in and out of the drive way a few times since he's had it, if for no other reason than because it's too big to leave parked out front....and yes, it *will* fit in the drve way....if you get the angle correct

Which brings me to today....

He's trying to drive it out, and keeps getting stuck in the wooden fence....no matter what he tried, he kept getting stuck each time he moved forward or back....so often that I yelled at him to stop....a few times, and I said to him, either he backs up, or I slash his tyres....

Empty threat on my part, as the knife probably wouldn't have gone in very easily anyway....but *he* didn't know that

So....he keeps doing it, and I keep telling him....in the end I tell him to turn the engine off and come inside, as what he's doing isn't accomplishing anything

He comes in and is wondering why I'm getting upset....he actually says to me, what he does is his business, not mine....it's not your house, he says to me

Well, news flash, it's not his, either, and, quite frankly, everything he does concerns me....especially if it's going to get us evicted (again), so I yell at him

While I'm yelling at him, I say to him, either I get angry and yell at him, or I hit him....his choice

So....we both go off to our respected corners to cool down a little, while I at least try to think of some kind of solution, which I *thought* was the right one, but, whether it was or not, I'll probably never know, as, while he listened to a little of what I was telling him, he proceeded to do it his own way anyway, which was, I guess, to be expected :-/

In the end, yes, he *did* succeed in driving out....the fence lost a support pailing, and the gate lost a panel....

I'd be surprised, quite frankly, if neither the fence nor the gate fall down over night

Plus....he's still got to drive it back *in*, as well

He'll probably complain to me later today or sometime tomorrow about this, but, meh

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Rent Guy has never really been the best of dfrivers in the time that I've known him....seeming to believe, like 'Rain Man', that he's an "Excellent Driver"....

Indeed....in one particular incident that I heard about, he almost drove into a Police Car, but, wasn't worried about it because he was insured :-/

A couple of times, though, he has tried to get a Truck Licence....both times that I know of only going for the one day (though the course was longer than that), and quitting it, so, it's with some surprise that he's been trying again recently....

He went last week to start h Medium Rigid, but stopped doing that one opting to try for Heavy Rigid instead, which he started on Monday....and yes, I had to get him up then as well as yesterday, at 06:00....even then it was close to 06:30 both times before he finally did get up :-/

He's said that he's going back to get more training, because he doesn't think he's a good driver....first time I've heard him do that!!

It *might* have something to do with the Crane Truck he has....not the small one he got some time ago....he sold that one, and he got a larger one a couple of weeks ago....

I *did* ask him, when he said he was going back, whether there were any girls there that might have had anything to do with it, and he said there were some in the office there....so....*that* might be part of the reason, too :-p

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I watched Good Will Hunting today, as a small tribute to the late Robin Williams, and, while I would never be able to be as intelligent as Will, I could definitely see bits of myself in both Will and Sean....

I also found myself wishing that I had a Therapist like Sean as well....the ones that I've been seeing have been okay as people to talk to on occasion, but, aren't really much help beyond that, as I think that they're merely seeing me more because it's a case that they're being paid to, rather than them trying to help me in any way....that's my take on it, anyway....

Plus...I'm only seeing them about once a month or so, so, that doesn't really help in that regard either....especially as, regardless of what notes they may take at the time, I usually find that we end up just going over what I've already discussed with them in an effort to remind them (and indeed me, as my memory isn't usually the best these days either), before getting into anything new that might be happening with me :-/

Indeed....the one I've been seeing on-and-off for the past couple of years, awhile ago had the attitude that I don't need to see her anymore (she actually told me that), but is still keeping with the sessions, I'm sure because she's being paid to do so....and the other one, that I started seeing in November, I stopped seeing a couple of months ago because the allotted sessions ran out


During the Movie they talk about Attachment Disorder, and, looking at what that is, I find myself wondering....could I, along with all of my other varied problems, have that as well?

Looking at the way in which Will treated Skylar, though I myself have rarely been in a relationship to that magnitude (not for lack of trying at times, though), I can see a lot of myself there, too :-(

I've actually been told, by one of my Facebook friends, "You don't like people, do you?"

There are definitely times when I think that she might have been right about that one :-/

I also found myself thinking, at the end of the Movie, when he gets a car for his 21st (albeit a crappy one), "He gets a car for his 21st....what did I get for my 21st? Clothes and some cash!"

The cash I used to buy Beer with on my way home....not a lot, just a 6-pack (it wasn't that much cash), and I remember the Bartender (of The Beehive in Kew, which had a Bottle Shop as well), in an effort to strike up a conversation, looked at the already opened package that still had the 'Happy 21st' wrapping around it, and said, "Going to a 21st?"

"Just been", was my response

"Oh, Happy Birthday"

That was about the highlight of that one :-/

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Went out this morning to do a small amount of shopping, and when I came home, Rent Guy didn't appear to be around, so I went out to the Garage to see if he was there....I heard his voice and that of a girl, so, thinking that it was he and FHG #2 wanting to have a private discussion, I left them to it, and went back inside the house....

A little while later, Rent Guy came in and so did the girl....

Introductions were made and she then went in to have a shower while her clothes were in the Washing Machine....not usually the best thing to do as the Washing Machine will take all the water, a few times, as it goes through its cycle

She even got me to turn the shower on for her, as she wasn't sure about what the best position of the taps would be....and yes, the thought *did* cross my mind about showing her personally, by getting into the shower with her....but that thought only lasted a second or two....it's not as I would stand a chance with her anyway :-/

I even went as far as to remind/warn her that when the Washing Machine needs to use water, she won't have any

While she was in there though, asked Rent Guy if she was going to be staying here....he said, "maybe"

I asked him where she would be sleeping, and he just told me not to worry about it....I jokingly suggested my room, and he just gave me an odd look

That didn't really answer the question though, and I also saw that this girl had quite a bit of stuff with her, and it also looks as though she's left some of it in the bathroom

Well....at least she had the decency not to use my towel, as seems to be all too often the case in these situations :-/

So, whether she's actually going to be staying here (where, would be the question there....unless he's going to make space for her in the Garage), or is just leaving some basic things here for frequent visits....who knows at this point....it's not as if Rent Guy actually bothers to tell me things until I've pretty much already found out about them anyway

So yeah...I'm designating this one as FHG#4

Mommy Dearest, despite not speaking English, didn't seem too impressed with the situation either....especially after being introduced to FHG#2 just a few days ago :-/

Just as long as she doesn't start using my food when she's here, as FHG#3 and Other Guy 2 had done, and I don't lose any more privacy than I already have, I'll be more-or-less okay with it

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Well, Rent Guy has said that FHG#2 has Cancelled the Order she took out against him, and stated that that was due to be effective as of the 7th of August....

He got a call from her today....didn't tell me it was her, didn't have to....I could hear her voice

I said to him, "She's coming over, isn't she?"

He said, "No, not until the 7th....she just wants me to meet her somewhere to talk"

Sure enough though, a couple of hours later, he returns with her

Just like old times, huh? :-/

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I was outside earlier today playing with the Pups, which I try to do when I can, when a Thought struck me....

And yes....it *does* hurt when that happens :-/


Back when Rent Guy got Dog, I bought a few things for him myself...just cheap things from Reject, like a Brush and stuff

I made use of such on Dog at the time, and then I saw that Rent Guy had the same idea and had gotten likewise, so put the stuff I got away somewhere and forgot about them

So, I was out there today and had the idea of getting such things next time I was at the shops, only to start thinking, "Hang on, I bought such things awhile ago....I wonder if they're still around?"

Had a hunt around and found the Brush, so I took that back outside and started brushing the Puppies down....they seemed to like that so I'll try to remember to do that every now and again for them :-)

Naturally, Dog and New Dawg saw what I was doing and wanted some of it as well, so I brushed them down a bit also....those two could probably do with a bath as well, come to that, but I'll let Rent Guy deal with that one :-p

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Alllllllllllllllllllrighty then....

Well, first off, Rent Guy asked me a week or so ago to move my boxes to a different area in the garage so that he can put some shelving up....

I haven't done so as yet, but, that's beside the point :-p

Turns out that, for whatever reason, he'll be having his 'Car Business' here....kinda like it was in Deer Park, but he'll apparently be conducting it in the garage here rather than in the drive-way :-/

Supposedly, he's already spoken to The Council about it, and apparently their response has been that, as long as it's kept in the garage and thus can't or heard from the road, there's no problem....

That remains to be seen, I guess...

When exactly this is due to happen (or indeed why), I have no idea....but I'm guessing in a week or so at the outside :-/

In other news....

FHG #2 has apparently been in contact with Rent Guy and apparently misses him...

So much so that she's going to be cancelling The Order she has against him...

I'll believe that when it happens :-/

Which means of course that she will no doubt be coming over here now (she already knows where we are, as she followed Rent Guy home, so he said)

He also said that she said that Dawg died....run over by a car, apparently

How she was able to keep Dawg for so long in a place that doesn't allow pets is somewhat intriguing in itself, but, there we are

So....I guess I can probably expect to see FHG #2 coming over again as per usual....probably within the next week or so...

Oh....joy.... :-/

Well, at least that will mean that I won't have to try to avoid her as I have been, as she uses the same shops I do :-/

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I don't know how he did it, or indeed whether it *was* actually Rent Guy or merely a build up of general usage over time, but....

I saw this morning that the doors of the Wood Heater were open, and they wouldn't close when I tried to do so....I *did* notice what appeared to be glass on the frame, but couldn't think at the time where that might have come from

It wasn't until Rent Guy got up and he pointed out the broken glass door that I saw it for what it was


Rent Guy was saying that he would see about getting some steel to put in instead of the glass, as he seems to think it won't be able to get

Whether he tries to fix it himself or tries to get the owner to do so, I guess remains to be seen :-/

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One of the reasons, anyway....

A little while ago, I heard Dog and New Dawg fighting over something, so I went out to see what it was....turns out it was a Sparrow!!

Where the dogs are at the moment is a sort of walkway between the house and the garage, with a sliding glass door on either end with a roof

The Puppies are kept here at the moment in an attempt to keep them out of the cold, with one door kept open and the other closed, which I grant you probably doesn't help much, but it's the best solution at the moment outside of keeping them in the house, which of course Rent Guy won't do


I'm guessing that the Sparrow was either blown in because of the wind, or just otherwise flew in to seek some shelter, and the dogs obviously saw it as something to play with :-/

I don't think they saw it as a possible threat to the Puppies though....just something to play with

I don't know if they would have actually eaten it, but it definitely looked like they were going to do so :-(

So, I put Dog and New Dawg outside, picked up the Sparrow, and put it out on the other side....fortunately I think it was more scared than hurt, and I saw it fly off a few minutes later :-)

So....in the event that I ever *do* manage to get a place of my own, I definitely *won't* be getting any pets at all....that's for sure!!

Well....I *might* try for the two-legged variety, but that's another story :-)

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For not really any better reason than for something to do, and yes, just so that I have them on File to allow me to Print what I might need from them rather than having to go find a cheap place for Photocopying, I try and do some Transcribing of some of my Books

This, as I mentioned, allows me to put them on File, plus it also gives me something to do during the day, I guess :-)

I must stress....I *don't* do this to avoid Copyright or whatever....I do it merely for personal use....the exception there being that History of the Mostyns I did a few years ago which I did because it's family related and as such I shared it with family when I was done....plus, it hasn't been published since 1925, so the likelihood of finding a physical copy to buy is somewhat remote


Rent Guy brought one of his friends over and normally I would pretty much just go and hide in those cases, but I just couldn't be bothered this time

The friend asked if I was writing a book....I guess technically I was, but I wasn't going to give this guy an opportunity to start a conversation if I could help it, and just said no

Rent Guy said that, when I was finished, I could burn it


I know he said it because he thinks I have too many books, to which I said that there's no such thing

Clearly, not only has he never owned a book, but also no-one in Egypt has either!!

Maybe I should have said to him, "Okay....we can burn your mother's Bible while we're at it, as that's available on-line for free", but I didn't

They then got into that I could get a 2T Hard-Drive and put all my DVDs on it

Yes....and aside from the fact that I don't want to do that, I'll also lose all that if the Hard-Drive crashes :-/

And yet they wonder why I don't like them, and try to avoid them as much as possible while they're here??

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For awhile now, as some of my Readers may recall, Rent Guy has been wanting to install a Satellite Dish so that he can get the Arab Stations for Mommy Dearest....

Up to now, he's been seemingly content enough to watch whatever might be available on SBS in that regard, or to hook his Computer to the TV (via a HD cable), find an Arab show on-line (usually the Egyptian 'Neighbours' or 'David Letterman'), and watch it that way

That changed last Saturday when he had somebody over to install the Satellite Dish that he found some months ago (and which was most likely 'Road Kill' just like a lot of the stuff he finds....although the control box for it appeared to be in better condition at least)

Didn't manage to get it working on Saturday....not entirely surprised by that, as you can probably guess :-/

He tried a few more times over the next few days, and then, when I got home today from an appointment I had, I see Mommy Dearest there watching a station I didn't recognize, and, as that Computer isn't on, obviously they got the Satellite Dish installed....but a different one, as the one I knew about is lying on the ground outside and, having looked up at the roof, I can see a smaller one up there

Had a try of the Remote for it....flicked through the first 30 stations and found only Arabic or Religious stuff, and gave up :-/

Great....I barely get the chance to watch the TV (or, more specifically, my DVDs) at the moment as it is....clearly, I'll have less chance to do so now :-(

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Surprisingly, even these days, this is a question I tend to get every now and again....

There's probably somewhere in the vicinity of a hundred or so reasons why, but, let's look at a few of them anyway....

Let's see....

Well, to start with, I had an Abusive Drunk as a Father, who, pretty much every night would regularly hit myself and my Sister whether we deserved it or not....specifically myself, as I never stood up to him whereas my Sister did

He would use whatever was convenient to do so in this regard....usually either his hand or his belt, but I remember one particular occasion where he dragged me, naked, into the bathroom, and just threw me up against the wall :-(

What had I done to deserve that one?

I was supposed to be making my bed but I was reading a comic instead

Why was I naked at the time?

I don't remember, but I'm guessing that it was because I was getting changed ready for bed, but I got distracted :-/

My Father would also hit and throw things at my Mother as well....I remember on at least one occasion they threw steel goblets at each other!!

I was almost 17 by the time my Mother had finally had enough and left my Father and Divorced him a year later, and my Sister and I both chose to stay with our Mother....initially, anyway....

My Sister is older than me so she soon managed to get married and went her own way....I got kicked out when I was still 20, and I've been living in one form of Rented Accommodation or another ever since

Over the....well....decades since then, I have noticed that, despite probably living in denial about it for awhile, I have turned into my Father in more ways than I care to admit, and, justified in my beliefs or not, I'm scared that if I *do* manage to get into a long-term relationship, I'll treat my own family the same way my Father treated us

I don't want that to happen!!

Yes, I've been in relationships, but nothing long-term....I usually got dumped early on....supposedly, because I didn't open up about myself enough

Gee....I can't understand *why* that would be :-/

And yet, people wonder why I'm still Single?

My usual response is pretty much the generic 'I guess I just haven't found the right girl', and, as generic as that may well be, there's some truth in it as well

Let's face it....I'm not exactly going to say to a potential life-partner that I have all these issues....nor would they stay very long if I did so, I'm sure

The main one is my Anger, which has come close to getting me fired from two jobs....the last one of which I quit before I was sacked because I was getting so many complaints for the way I was treating my customers (I was working in a Call Centre at the time)

That was a few years ago now and I've been out of work ever since

I've been seeing a couple of Psychologists....one on-and-off for the past couple of years and the other one for the past 6 months or so, but aside from being someone to talk to on occasion, they're not really that much use :-(

I remember saying to both of them though that I have more Baggage than Tullamarine Airport, more Issues than National Geographic, and more Anger Problems than Dr. Henry Jekyll and Dr. David Bruce Banner combined

And yet....people wonder why I'm still Single?

Oh, and I also suffer from Depression and Anxiety, and about 2 1/2 years ago when I was facing Eviction because I couldn't pay my Rent, I was also contemplating suicide, and also attempted it as well

Family were almost useless to turn to....my Mother lives in Queensland, but probably wouldn't really have been in a position to help me anyway

My Sister was helping me with Rent for awhile, but that stopped

My Grandfather died more than 20 years ago and his house has remained more-or-less empty all this time, but, when I asked my Aunt if I could move up there for awhile, I just got the same BS cop-out answer she usually gives...."I haven't decided what to do with the place yet"

Mind you, she's been giving that same answer, or a variation of it, since he died in 93 :-/

And so, after responding to an ad, I managed to move into a share-house type arrangement, and I've been here ever since

As helpful as that's been though, I would still like to find and meet someone that I can have a long-term relationship with....which I can't *really* do while I'm staying here because of the privacy issue :-(

Nor can I afford to move out anytime soon at the moment either :-

Yes, despite all that I have mentioned, I don't want to die alone and unloved....that's what happened to my Father, and I don't particularly want the same thing to happen to me, if I can help it

So yes, while I don't particularly think I'll have much success, every few months to a year or so I try the various dating sites to see what, if any, responses I get

Oh, and I'm also an Introvert, so I don't like going out much....can't understand *why* I wouldn't be having any success in *that* regard :-p

So yeah....that's pretty much why I'm still Single :-/

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I noticed this morning that one of the Pups seemed to be sleeping oddly, as it was lying on its back....found out later that it wasn't sleeping :-(

I'm guessing that New Dawg may have sat on it without realising it, and it died from suffocation :-(

Rent Guy knows about it, and he's said that he'll be digging a hole later to bury it....I suggested to make sure he does so in an area that Dog can't get to, so that he doesn't just dig it up

I may do this later myself in fact while Rent Guy is at work

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Well, New Dawg had pups yesterday....10 so far, just as with Dawg, but Rent Guy thinks there could be more....

As with the last lot, yes, he'll no doubt be wanting to sell them....well, if he does so, maybe he'll actually get the money for them, as he didn't with the last lot (I asked him a week or so before we were due to leave the last place, as he could have easily used that money to get set up in this place (Bond....Rent....), and he said he hadn't) :-/

Also before we left the last place, he started making enquires about getting listed as a Registered Breeder (he actually claims that both Dog and New Dawg are Pure Bred....whereas if they were....a....he'd have papers to prove it (which he claims to, but I doubt it), b....they'd cost a lot of money (he claims he paid $1,000 for Dog, which I doubt, and as far as I know, he just swapped one of the pups for New Dawg), c....they'd be Trained (which, clearly, Dog isn't)

I know he was told at the time that he'd need to be a member of a club for that....but I don't think he's done anything about that....not that something like that stops him, obviously :-/

Just think....if FHG #3 had just waited a few months, she could still have gotten the Black puppies she wanted, as these ones are all Black (whereas with the last lot, only two were Black, and the rest were Brown)

Oh well....Rent Guy was set on having the 'Pure' German Shepherd Pups anyway....but....considering what I've said about Dog and New Dawg being pure, I kinda doubt that these Pups would be as well :-/

Registrations aside (for the moment, anyway)....both Dog and New Dawg are his, so chances are Rent Guy will be trying for another batch in a few months....unless someone calls The Council, I guess (which obviously happened while we were still in Deer Park, as he was getting letters from them to that effect as well)

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Today, I went to the Bank in order to get some money out (as you do)....

Was about to just use the ATM, when I thought I'd go in instead, and ask them about a problem I noticed when I checked my account this morning....

So....in I went, and, as usual, they've changed things yet again in an effort to be more helpful, which wasn't necessary, as they were far more helpful before....

In this case, while they're still using the old 'card swipe' keyboards for the moment, anyway), they want you now to use the card reader next to the window

These say swipe or insert card, and because mine has a chip in it, I had to insert it....which took four attempts to do so....even the Teller had problems with it

That done, it gives you the Cheque, Savings, or Credit option, same as the ATM does....

I try telling them that, although mine is a Debit Card, it's still a MasterCard, and as such, it's set to Credit, and that's the option I should be using, just as I do with the ATM (I had it changed to that mostly because the ATM would identify it as one thing, but their card reader as something else, so I had it set to the one thing (Credit, in this case) in order to stop that hassle....so I thought, anyway....)

So....I try it on Credit in their card reader and....guess what? It worked

That finally sorted, I get my money and ask about that problem....

"Oh, we won't be able to see that until tomorrow, because it happened today"

I say to them that yeah, I'd be able to see that as well!!

I also say to them that next time, I'll just use the ATM, as it has better Customer Service

Seriously....the used to be able to look at those things....regardless of what day it happened....what happened?

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Yesterday, Mommy Dearest was cooking something....

She started, as far as  could tell, a little before 12, so I presumed that it was for her lunch, but, as she was still at it about 2, clearly it wasn't for her lunch :-/

What it was, was some kind of vegetable dish that she was boiling up....it had peas in it, that's all I saw, and she was doing a rice dish as well....a very large one....

Nothing really unusual about that last part, as she and Rent Guy will often tend to prepare enough to last them for a few days....only to leave it on the stove all that time....despite the Four Hour Rule, which I've attempted to explain to both Rent Guy and Other Guy a number of times....even before, but especially since, I did that Hospitality Course a couple of years ago....any wonder why I rarely share their meals??

Vegetable dish is in the fridge....in the pot it was cooked in....rice dish is still on the stove....covered with an ill-fitting lid, but still exposed

Oh...and they will also frequently heat their bread (the big flat round Lebanese kind) by just lighting one of the burners to do so :-/


By 2pm, whatever it was was still bubbling away and continuously threatened to overflow

She started it off in a medium pot, with an ill-fitting lid, of course, before I intervened and turned it down....I said to her at the time, keep it down or turn it off....not that I really think that she understood me in that regard....she may have, though, as she changed it to a large pot....and yes, again with an ill-fitting lid :-/

About 3, I heard the larger pot threatening to boil over, so again, I turn it down....

She comes along and turns it back up

I turn it off

She turns it back on

I turn it back off

Words are exchanged....for what real effect, who knows?

Regardless, it stays off this time, and I send a text to Rent Guy saying, "Call your mother, and tell her that she only needs to boil something for 20 minutes, not 3 hours"

At 7, I hear her phone going off....which may have been him calling, I don't know

This morning, he asked me about it, claiming he didn't understand the message

I tell him about what happened, and he doesn't see what the problem is :-/

I try telling him about the potential danger of the house burning down when the flames, diverted by the water, catch on the curtain....he doesn't see it, so I try telling him that if the water puts the flame out, there'll just be the gas going....he seems to ponder that one, only to dismiss that one as well

I didn't bother telling him of the danger if the flame has gone out on one burner, and thus, just having gas going, while another burner is still going....

I also try to just tell him about the gas wastage of something boiling unnecessarily for all that time, but he didn't see that one either

He claims to have all manner of relatives over here, and indeed, I've probably met them all over the past two years or so :-p

So, I'll try to have a word with him in the next few days to see if she can stay with any of them for awhile....not that I expect that to do any good :-/

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A few months ago....in March, I saw an ad in Facebook for something in along the lines of E-Bay, but calling themselves Everbuying....

The item in question that got me interested was a Watch

Now....these days, I don't generally wear a watch, as frankly, I have enough trouble with sweating as it is, without something strapped to my wrist to add to that

Yes....maybe I *was* born about 150 or so years too late, to not still enjoy the style of Pocket Watches...but....that aside...

I thought this one looked cool, and it was cheap, so I bought it :-)

Here it is here


Upon receiving it though, I couldn't seem to get it to work, so, thinking that it was merely that the Battery had gone flat in the three weeks it took for this to get to me, I tried sending the seller a question, just as I would do with E-Bay, or any one of a few other similar sites that are around, only to be told that I had to send it to the Support Centre instead....so I did so....

This is the extent of our conversation so far....


Subject: No Battery

I received this today but it doesn't seem to be working....my only guess is that it came without batteries

What batteries does it take, and what would be the best way to take the back off to change them?


Dear Phil

Thanks for your message

I am sorry for the delay

We apologize for the fault brought to you

The battery is inside

Could you please charge another 2USD as a part of the cost, then we will resend a new one (LED Car Watch/Table WS0062606) to you

Do you agree with me?

If you send it back to us and exchange it for another one, you will pay the return shipping fee

I look forward to your reply

Best wishes



Dear Cathy

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, I moved recently (same vicinity, but different address)

Yes, please send me the new one that you mentioned in your reply....send me an Invoice via PayPal for it (I supplied her with the E-Mail I use for PayPal) and I'll send the 2USD as soon as I get that Invoice :-)

I've changed my details in PayPal, but if you need it here, let me know




Dear Phil

Thanks very much for placing the order with us

Could you please give me your new address as below, we need to confirm it (she asked for my details pretty much in point form, and I supplied my new details accordingly)

Please kindly check your PayPal e-mail, you can pay it by that link

If any problem more, please do not hesitate to contact us

Best regards



I got nothing in my PayPal for it

Did you go to your PayPal, click on Request Money, and use the E-Mail I gave you (and did you make sure to use the .au at the end)?

Just to make sure this time, send me the E-Mail that you use for PayPal, and I'll send it that way :-)




Dear Phil

Thanks for your payment, we will resend the item to you as possible, please wait for the further information

It may takes about 7-25 business days to ship from China to your country but sometimes it maybe delay by custom in your country for checking

Best wishes



Received the replacement a few minutes ago...

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but, yet again, it appears to not have a Battery :-(

So....rather than try for yet another replacement (which in itself no doubt won't have a Battery), maybe an answer to my original question might well be the way to go, which was, what Battery does it take and what is the best way to change it??


Dear Phil

Thank you very much for your recent message

The second one does not work, is it right?

I am really sorry about that

We await your reply and than you for your kind understanding and assistance

Best Regards



Correct, the second one doesn't work either, so would it be possible to just get the information I initially asked for....what type of Battery does it take, and what would be the best way to change it?


Dear Phil

Thank you very much for your recent message

I am really sorry about that

Could you please change another battery to check it?

How about we can give you a coupon code when next purchasing as compensation?

We await your reply and thank you for your kind understanding and assistance

Best Regards



Therein lies part of the problem....what is the best way to take the back off?

There don't seem to be any screws, nor any notch to lever it off?


Dear Phil

Thanks very much for placing the order with us, and really regret that

I am awfully sorry to reply to you so late. Please accept our apologies for the delay

Would you please send some photos of the item you received including the item sku WS0062606 to us?

And we can give you a solution as soon as possible after we confirm that

I look forward to hearing from you

Best regards


Rather than wasting more time with this than I already have, I opted to do what I should have done in the first place....I got the second one and, using the smallest screwdrivers I have, I managed to take the back off and unscrewed the battery cover, and finally found out *that* way what Battery it takes....CR2016,  fairly standard one, I would have thought, and yet, they couldn't give me even *that* much information when I asked for it...more than two months ago??

Got the new Batteries for it this morning, put them in (both of them) and managed to get the display working at least....still can't seem to work out how to set it though :-/

Next time, I may well just end up trying for a Pocket Watch afterall :-/

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I've been running low on Leather stock and have been meaning to get some more for a number of years....

In fact, the last time I got any was 2007!!

So...I thought I'd take advantage of the 'Advance Payment' (a loan that you can get through Centrelink, and which I tend to make use of every year), and decided to get some more Leather with it....especially as I have some more Projects in mind for it

So, taking advantage also of the Membership Discount offered from the place I generally go to (up to 33%), I got the Membership sorted out, and, a couple of days after it was processed, I got Rent Guy to drive me over and I did some shopping...

Rent Guy had never been there before but seemed to like some of the things there, so he may well end up becoming a Member there as well

In the mean time, between when my Membership was processed and going down there, I logged in to the Site to try and figure out how much it would cost with the Discount, and made note of the prices and codes for the items I wanted...

When I found the items I was more-or-less after, I took them to the Counter, told the person there that I was a Member, and queried the price that she quoted me....

"Is that including the Member Discount?"


"It seemed cheaper in your catalogue"

"We don't have a catalogue"

"The one you have on-line?"

"Those prices are eight years old"


That would have been earlier than I was last there, and the prices I paid at the time were cheaper than that *without* the Discount!!

Well, I still bought it because I know the quality....even though it ended up costing me more than $100 more than I factored for :-(

Sadly....that's the best price I can get it for as well :-(

Oh well, it's stuff I needed, and, for the most part, may well last me another seven years or so :-/

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As those that have been reading my Blog for awhile would know, when I was living in Deer Park, I was doing the dishes pretty much on a daily basis....

Since Mommy Dearest came over from Egypt and moved in with us, I have only done the dishes a couple of times, which has frankly been a huge lift

One the one hand, anyway....

As I've already mentioned, she insists on just rinsing them under cold water and using a sponge, which doesn't always (if at all) get them clean :-(

Today, Rent Guy came over to ask me to start doing the dishes again

"Sometimes", I responded

I don't want to do them all the time, and I told him that, but it's pretty clear that I'll have to go back to doing them on a regular basis....if only to make sure that they're actually done properly on occasion (or as near as I can get them, anyway)

Not sure what prompted today's request....

There was a fry pan I used yesterday and left the oil in afterwards that I didn't wash, so, maybe that was it?

Would have been very hypocritical of him if that was the case, as I've known him to do the same thing many times, and indeed to leave it like that for a week or more :-/

Well, I'll go back to doing them on occasion them, if only to stop him bugging me about them....definitely not every day, but I'll try and do them a couple of times a week anyway....maybe that will be enough for him?

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For now, anyway

On Wednesday, I was led to believe that Rent Guy would be getting the keys for the new place, but apparently, the Agent wanted to do some things first, like replace the oven....

Oh, the Owner of this new place is going through an Agent to lease the place, and that said, I'm thinking it's probably a safe bet that, if Rent Guy wasn't already renting a place from this guy (a business, in this case), then he wouldn't be able to get this place through an Agent....no matter *what* Rent Guy might like to think otherwise

Granted, the Owner may well be wanting to go via an Agent just because it *is* Rent Guy that he's dealing with...time will tell, I guess :-/


On Thursday, the Agent was saying the same thing, but this time Rent Guy insisted on getting the keys so that we could start moving our stuff across, and we were finally able to start doing so about 2pm, and we finished some time on Saturday....which is pretty good going considering it took a week to do so last time, but then, that was including all the cars and parts as well

This new place is a little larger....rooms are about the same, but there's a garage here, so my boxes are all in there at the moment :-)

New place has wood floor, and also a Wood Heater, which Rent Guy loves....just so long as he doesn't burn the place down, is all :-/

The Owner apparently wants to build a unit out there at some point where the garage currently is....hopefully we will have moved on again by that time, as frankly, I don't the access will be any good for said unit, so, we'll see what happens there, I guess

Yes, Mommy Dearest is still with us, and has again taken the largest room....

She also continues to try to talk to me, even though I've tried to indicate to her, and have told Rent Guy, that I don't understand what she's saying :-/

Let's see....what else?

We have a couple more Puppies at the moment, as apparently, the people who had them were unable to keep them....oh, and Dog and New Dawg have started mating, so we'll no doubt be getting *more* Puppies in a couple of months as well

Oh yeah....my world just keeps getting better and better, huh?

If all that wasn't bad enough, Rent Guy wants to connect a satellite dish so that Mommy Dearest can watch some Arab TV....we'll see what happens there too, then, I guess :-/

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About 45 minutes ago, I heard Rent Guy on the phone asking if they were still open....during the call I got the gist that it was the Owner of the new place that he was talking to

Rent Guy was, I think, asking if he could go and collect the keys, and the Owner was asking for the Application Form

Hmmmm....asking for the Application Form on the day and pretty much at the time that the keys were supposed to be handed over??

Curiouser and curiouser

Rent Guy then proceeded to take a photo with said phone of said Application Form, with the intention of sending it via E-Mail....

I asked him a few minutes later if everything was okay in that regard, and of course he said that it was, but, I've heard that type of thing numerous times from him before over the past two years :-/

So yeah....while I may well be worrying over nothing, but it's still a tad disconcerting, nonetheless

We'll see what happens tomorrow, I guess

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