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man_of_the_west's Journal

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This will be my Journal of the Projects that I'll be Making

The First has already been Posted....there'll be more to come eventually :-D

I've been a Klingon now since I first started 'Making Enquiries' on how to actually Make a Klingon Kostume, back in August 1991....and have been such on and off ever since }}:-{)>

I've been in a Number of the Groups over the Years (K.A.G., I.K.E.F., K.S.F.), but without a Ship in my Area, I've been Reduced to, in the Case of K.A.G., being a Member of a Ship Two States away, and....in the Case of K.S.F. and I.K.E.F., being the 'Quadrant Commander'....which is kinda Redundant, as I'm the Only Member here!!

Currently a Member of this On-Line Klingon Kommunity }}:-{)>


Previous Clubs/Groups/Associations/Societies that I have been a Member of:

Airfix Modeller's Club - February 1983-February 1984

AUSTREK - December 1985-December 1990

Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy Club Of Australia (Victorian Division) - January 1986-January 1987

Red Squadron - September 1987-September 1989

THREADS: The Hand-Craft And Design Society (Victorian Division) - June 1990-February 1994

ENTERPRISE: The Star Trek Appreciation Society Of Victoria (Inc.) - November 1993-November 1998

Klingon Assault Group (Ballarat Division) - October 1996-October 1998

Conventions that I've been to have been:

Galactic Tours Convention March 1986

KinKon II June 1986

TrekCon III March 1987

KinKon III April 1988

ZenCon II October 1988

TrekCon IV June 1990

TrekCon VI August 1992

Star Walking II May 1993

StarFest August 1995

MultiVerse II September 1996

StarFest November 1996

BasiCon II September 1997

AussieCon IV September 2010