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Allllllllllllllllllllrighty then....

Let's see...what's been happening since last time?

Well....in no particular order....

As of 03:00 today, Mommy Dearest has now been here two weeks....

She took over Rent Guy's room, and for the first couple of nights he slept on the couch until A, I could rearrange my boxes in the 'spare' room, and B, he could get a Mattress and Bedding for himself, and has been sleeping in there ever since

As previously mentioned, she doesn't speak English, which gets somewhat annoying as she insists on talking to me even though I don't understand what she's saying

Granted, she probably does so mainly because I'm often the only one here, as he goes out during the day, but it's still annoying nonetheless

Occasionally she'll try and incorporate simple gestures in an attempt to make herself understood, but, they don't really work either....an example there being on Thursday, when I was going out and she saw me making my List for some things that were needed....both for myself and the house, and she was doing the dishes at the time, and she gestured to her wrists and hands....I thought that she was asking for Dishwashing Gloves, so I put those on the List, but, it turns out, that she was asking for those sponge/scourer things :-/

Oh yeah....I've only done the dishes once since she's been here :-D


That said, it would probably be an idea for me to keep doing them every now and again, as she, just like Rent Guy, doesn't actually seem to wash them as such....just rinse them

Difference is, while Rent Guy at least used hot water to do so (for the most part, anyway), she seems to insist on just using cold :-/

Oh, and Rent Guy has found another place for us....I haven't seen it yet myself, outside of Google Earth, but he's indicated that it's at least better than this place....not that that would be too hard

In other news....

Rent Guy has had his Court Appearance in regards to the Intervention Order that FHG #2 took out on him, so that's now officially in effect, and he's been to the Police at least once since then over it, because she has claimed that he's broken it by driving past her place at 9pm

Hmmmm....aside from the fact that there would be a couple of hundred cars like his around here (the lack of the side mirror aside), what does she do....stay looking out her window all night in the hope of catching him?

He denied it anyway when he went to the Police, and it went no further....this time, anyway

Oh....one of the Psychologists I'm seeing made the suggestion that I start working with Rent Guy under the Wage Subsidy Scheme....

Aside from all the other issues associated with that, I know he would just take advantage of that, and just pay me the money he would be getting from the Scheme....which, I grant you would still be useful, would still not be worth the hassles associated with it :-(

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For the last couple of months, Rent Guy has been saying that his mother would be coming out from Egypt to Australia....apparently to live here permanently....

For months also, I was of the thinking that he was just saying that for the benefit of FHG #2, to try to annoy her or whatever....especially as there's no space for her here

When I asked Rent Guy where, if indeed his mother did come out, she would be sleeping

He said In his room and In his bed....which I admit had me thinking there was some kind of Oedipus Complex going on...he is Egyptian, afterall

Nevertheless, she arrived very early yesterday morning....about 3am from what I heard....and I woke to find Rent Guy asleep on the couch, and, as I later found out, yes, mother was in his bed

He took me aside a bit later to talk to me about re-arranging my stuff in the other room so that he can just put a mattress down and sleep there

I did what I could in that regard yesterday, but evidently he hadn't managed to get a mattress yet, as once again I found him on the couch this morning

I just hope he doesn't now get the idea of getting another person in there (possibly, hopefully, sending mother to his brother's place)...

Yes, I know we're only going to be here for a few more weeks at the outside, but that didn't stop him with Other Guy #2 :-/

Oh yeah....mother doesn't speak English, so that will make things interesting as well

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Well, another Puppy went a couple of days ago, so now we're down to just one out of the original ten

At same time, Rent Guy finally managed to succeed in one of his 'business ideas' (so it seems, anyway)....

He finally managed to get a female German Shepherd (to be designated here as New Dawg)!!

He claims it is Pure, which I doubt, as he said the same about Dog....even to the point of having Papers proving it

I don't think so!!

Maybe it's just me, but, if they were Pure, wouldn't that mean that they came from a Registered Breeder, and as such, would actually be Trained??

Dog definitely doesn't appear to be so, so I can only presume all the rest is BS as well

Nevertheless, Rent Guy is apparently wanting to get Council Approval to become a Registered Breeder....

Yeah....good luck with that one :-/

Moot Point if you ask me, as we're only going to be here for another month...

Anyway....that's where that Puppy went to, as they did a swap (on top of whatever price was paid)

Oh....in the mean time, FHG #2 took an Intervention Order out on Rent Guy....it has been suggested to him to take one out himself, but, he's of the opinion that he doesn't need to, as, by definition, it means that she's not allowed anywhere near him, either....

Doesn't work like that, unfortunately, but, he of course knows everything, and nobody can tell him anything different :-/

Spotted her a couple of days ago as it happens, but, I don't think she saw me

As I said last time, I'm just trying to remain as neutral as I can in all this

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Moving things across from one place to the other aside, we've now been in this place for almost 2 1/2 weeks, and, despite the small size of it, I was starting to get used to it and relax a bit and had even started to unpack some stuff

Rent Guy on the other hand has said a few times that he would be looking for a larger place very soon, and has even indicated that to the Owner

Indeed....yesterday afternoon Rent Guy tells me that he's given the Owner a month's Notice....he may well have done so, I don't know....

What I *do* know is, that the Owner came over last night to confront him....I didn't let him in but Rent Guy came home a few minutes later and let him in and I heard much of their conversation

The Owner was complaining about unpaid rent, and was trying to argue the point of Rent Guy always needing to be a month ahead....he paid on the 14th of Feb, but the Billing apparently was started on the 15h, so a month from there would again be the 15th....unless of course the Owner is wanting it on the 1st of every month, in which case, Rent Guy should have only had to pay 2 weeks at the time, and then on the 1st pay a month, and continue from there

I'm guessing that, whatever that agreement was, Rent Guy didn't stick to it....either that, or the Owner was trying to be shifty himself

In any case, the Owner gave Rent Guy 2-week's Notice!!


Looks like Rent Guy is going for some kind of record for how quickly he can piss someone off :-/

Thing is though....he was *very* lucky to get *this* place....and I'm guessing that he only managed to do that because he went directly through an Owner, rather than through an Agent, so he can't afford to be too fussy in that regard

Yes, it's small, but, all I'm concerned with at the moment is that it's a place to live, and has space for my stuff....anything beyond that, is a bonus!!

As he was leaving though, I heard the Owner give the date of "17th of the 4th"...he *may* well have meant the 3rd there, which is what I'll be going by

Asking Rent Guy anything is almost a waste of time, as he'll just tell me what I want to hear and say that there's nothing to worry about

Well, Rent Guy also has managed to get a Commercial place for his cars etc., so we may well be moving in *there* at this stage :-(

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I haven't had Internet Access since mid February, and as such, there are a few things of note that have happened in that time and just prior....

To start with, as I mentioned previously, yes, Rent Guy managed to find a place and we've moved in....he has been back and forth to the old place almost on a daily basis since then moving stuff from there to here (with me going with him on occasion to help him do so), or from there to his Commercial Business (he got someone else to help him there)

In the mean time, pretty much since the end of January, he's been getting calls, and occasionally letters, from The Agent of the old place wondering when he's going to move out....many of which he's been avoiding....until they said that he had until Friday (28th Feb), or they'll change the locks and get the Police involved

To that end, he finally hired a Truck (just one of those 3-Ton ones) on Thursday, and I went with him on Friday to help him move some stuff as well....and yes....my stuff that has been sitting in the Garage all this time came over as well, so in that regard at least, I'm a happy chappy :-)

They *do* kinda take up a lot of space in the room that they're in, but, there's nowhere else to put them in here (no Garage....there's an old tin Shed, but, no concrete floor and the sides have gaps in them and the door doesn't close), and I've done the Storage thing before, and I don't think there's a place accessible by Public Transport near here even if I *could* afford the Storage Fee :-(


Also on Friday, FHG #2 came over with one of her house mates to look at the place, as it has been advertised already....at somewhat higher than we were paying for it....we were paying $260pw and it's now been advertised at $295pw!!

I was joking with FHG #2 that she should get it and we would move back in....but....it's with the same Agent anyway, so I can't see that that would have lasted too long :-/

While we were there, The Agent turned up....parked a few houses up though until the Police arrived, and then came over, along with a Locksmith

The Agent asked for the keys back, which they got, and then got the Locksmith to change the locks anyway....which to me kinda defeats the purpose....I mean....either they trust us or they don't....if they trust us, why change the locks??

While we were there, The Agent asked if Rent Guy could move the tires etc. from the back yard to the front....I think he said he would, but, he ended up just leaving them where they were anyway, and just collected them from there in due course

Also while we were there, the Postie turned up with a Registered Letter....which also kinda defeats the purpose, as, we and The Agent were already there, so, if there was anything they needed to inform him of, they could have done so (they didn't as far as I know), and if we had already left by then, we wouldn't have gotten the Letter!!

FHG #2 told us that she saw a clean up crew on Saturday (1st March), so I can only presume that it will be rented out in the next week or so....regardless of the problems with it which I doubt very much will be fixed (one of the windows is jammed, and won't close, the kitchen sink leaks, which Rent Guy and I sorta fixed with Duct Tape), and the front door frame is loose....to the point that it will move when the door is opened or closed)

Despite all that, it's still a better place than this one we're in now (definitely larger, anyway)


Let's see....what else is there??

Oh yeah....

FHG #2 has been telling us that she wants to move out of the place she's in

Mind you, she was saying that pretty much every second day at one point when she first arrived on the scene at the start of April last year!!

For the past few months she has been saying that she wants to move out of that place (she's living in a Rooming House), and has supposedly been looking at places to Rent....apparently to the extent of going to Sashs (a division of the Salvos that supposedly deal with crises accommodation, but, I've found them to be rather useless myself), and giving 6-week's Notice....which would end in the next week or so

I honestly don't know whether she realizes that, if she wants to get into Private Rental, she will need Bond as well as First Rent, up front....not to mention now needing 100 points of ID these days even just to look at a place!!

Department of Housing (or whatever they call themselves these days) will cover the Bond, sure, in the right circumstances, but, only up to a certain amount, and definitely not up to what even the cheaper places ask for these days....which is one reason why I haven't made use of them to move out yet myself....partially because of the financial aspect, but also because I don't have any valid Photo ID, as it's all expired :-(

That aside....

When the Pups were born, she supposedly had marked two of them for herself - the two black ones - which she wanted to give to her family..

Rent Guy didn't care about that and proceeded to make arrangements for selling those as well

That got FHG #2 so pissed off that she took Dawg and went back to her place....even though she's not allowed to have pets there!!

Oh yeah, and she ripped the side mirror off Rent Guy's car on the way as well :-/

As far as I'm concerned, she has no grounds for complaining....she knew from the start that Rent Guy had Dog, and what his plans were in that regard....she chose to get Dawg knowing full well that she wouldn't be able to keep her at the Rooming House she was in, and so allowed her to stay with Rent Guy and Dog....and still complained when Dog got Dawg pregnant

Yes, she may well have been looking to get a place of her own, but, think it would have been advisable to get that sorted *before* worrying about getting a pet :-/

I said to her a few times....sorta half-jokingly....that she just had to wait a couple of months for the next Litter....she didn't find that particularly amusing....can't understand why :-p

Understandably at the moment, I'm just trying to stay as neutral as possible

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Part #1, at least


From what Rent Guy has been telling me, he was going to be getting the keys for the new place on Wednesday, and we would be starting to move on Thursday....

Not quite....

Apparently, the person that was there hadn't fully left yet, and so, it wasn't until Friday (yesterday) that he finally got the keys :-/

He gave me my copy of them this morning, and the two of us started taking things across this morning as well

For the most part, all of the stuff inside the house, that had been packed, anyway, has now been taken across, and all that remains in the house now are the furniture and some small items that Rent Guy is packing even now as I type (cutlery, etc.), and I still have some small stuff and some clothes to pack as well

I still have the majority of my boxes still in the garage here, but Rent Guy has assured me that yes, they too will be taken across :-)

New place is, quite frankly, a bit of a dump....it's got a larger back yard, but the house itself is smaller, and thus, also the rooms....

Heck...non of the bedrooms even has a wardrobe!!

But...it's a place to stay....for the time being at least, and, at the moment, that's all I'm concerned about

Rent Guy has told me that it will just be the two of us there, and that nobody will be taking the spare room, so I jokingly said to him that I would be sleeping in one room and keep my stuff in the other....going by the size of them though, it may yet come to that :-/

This new place is more than this place though, so, while he's said that the two of us would be able to manage by ourselves, he's said that a few times before, and, it didn't work here, so I doubt very much that it would work there, either

He also said that there won't be any smoking inside....I'll believe that when it happens as well

Oh....he also said that he's gotten a commercial property close by as well, so I can only presume that his cars et al will be going there in due course, but evidently, will be going to the new place to start with

On the way back, he stopped off for petrol, and he was walking around the van for a few minutes trying to figure out where the cap was :-/

I eventually found the panel, and he half destroyed it before I activated the release catch for it

As to when we'll be fully moved....honestly....who knows??

As far as I knew, the deadline for moving out of here was the end of January....it's now two weeks past that, so really, I have no idea any more

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For this month, anyway….

As some may recall, Rent Guy was given Notice to Vacate some months ago, which would have become due on the 15th of Feb….

However….The Agent saw that he wasn’t doing anything to remove the cars (big surprise there), and took him to VCAT over it a little before Christmas, where he informed them that he to go to hospital in the next few weeks, and so managed to get until the end of January

That came and went, and, from what I’ve been able to gather via FHG #2, if Rent Guy managed to find a place – last Monday (3rd) – and inform The Agent about that, they *might* be able to give him another week or so….otherwise they’d be turning up with The Sheriff that same day (apparently The Owner *really* wanted him to get out, and was demanding the keys back)….

So far, fortunately, that hasn’t happened, but, I was expecting it to do so pretty much all day Monday and Tuesday :-(

I started packing a week beforehand, incidentally, and, until a couple of days ago, I was the only one that did so, as Rent Guy only started some basic packing on Monday, and, as far as I know, Other Guy #2 hasn’t started yet at all


Tuesday evening, however, he tells me that he’s found a place!!

Apparently, he’s managed to go directly via a Land-Lord this time, rather than via an Agent

Just as well as, from what FHG #2 has been telling me (she went with him when he went looking at places), he was somewhat rude to the Agents concerned….in the form of, “When can I move in….I need this urgently”, which doesn’t do his case any good

Rent Guy even managed to get a Rental Report from The Agent showing how much he’s paid and when….he thinks it’s an actual Reference, but no….unless you’ve been a *VERY* good Tenant, *NO* Real Estate Agent would do anything like that!!

New place is in Sunshine West….not really as convenient to the local shops as here (which is saying something in itself, as they’re not really convenient here, either), but Rent Guy has offered to drive me once a week to help me get what I need in that regard….might be useful now and again, but, quite frankly, I’d rather go by myself

Haven’t had a chance to explore the area yet….outside of Google Earth and a 10-year old Melway (we won’t be able to move in until next Thursday, apparently), but, there’s a Bus near by, so I’ll probably be making use of that when I do my shopping I think….as well as when I actually need to go anywhere, as it goes to Sunshine Station just as the local one here does….doesn’t go all the way to the shops like the one here does, but, you can’t have everything, I guess :-/

From what Rent Guy has told me, the house itself is a bit smaller than here, but from what I’ve seen via Google Earth, the back yard is much larger

It’s with the same Council though, so, if he’s planning on doing his auto-parts thing there as he did here, I figure he’ll get a Notice about it within the first month….but….we’ll see, I guess

Oh….and Dawg has had Puppies….10 of them….

Just what I need….*more* dogs barking :-/

In due course, I’ll do some exploring in the area to see what’s there, and may even try some of the local shops etc. for employment….otherwise….if anyone has any visions of Lottery Numbers in the next week or so, feel free to pass those my way, so that I can buy a place of my own and move away from Rent Guy and all the hassles associated with him!!

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Since FHG #3 and Other Guy #2 moved in, I have noticed a few things missing here and there...

I have my own shelf allocated to me in the Fridge, and I've noticed some things had been taken from what I normally keep there, and I also have a shelf allocated to me in one of the kitchen cupboards, and I've noticed things missing from there as well

This morning, I wanted to look something up and noticed my Melway was missing!!

I always keep it out here as it's handy for when I need to look something up and the Internet is having issues (which happens far too often)

So, I asked Rent Guy, who can't read, and who used that as an excuse of why he wouldn't have taken it, so I asked Other Guy #2 and FHG #3 if they took it....

Other Guy #2 has his own, not quite as old as mine, but mine was in better condition, and FHG #3 says that she didn't take it either....which means that either she has thrown it out (by accident or otherwise) when she was doing some cleaning recently, or one of Rent Guy's idiot friends has taken it....at the moment, I'm saying it was the former

When I said to Rent Guy that neither of them had taken it (or at least said they didn't), he was like, "I'll get you another one for $5, no worries"

I've since been able to make use of Other Guy #2's one, and Rent Guy has offered to get me another one as I said, but it looks as though I'll be looking through my local Op Shop when I next get the chance, as, brand new (which would be nice), they generally cost between $30 and $40 :-(

Yes, I had similar issues with Other Guy #1, and, as I always knew it was him, I also always knew who to ask....

With these two though....while I pretty much know who it might have been, it could still have been either of them....or, quite frankly, even Rent Guy himself, who may have merely decided to throw it out with the trash as I speculated before :-(

One would think that in a Share House environment, unless the people concerned say otherwise, if it's not yours, leave it the fuck alone, huh??

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You saw this coming, didn't you?

Last Monday night, heard some voices, so Rent Guy clearly had people over....nothing new for him, I grant you

The voices In question stayed until 03:00, which, sadly, is also nothing really new

One of the voices stayed over until late Tuesday morning, and has been back a couple of times since then

We've seen each other to the point of saying 'Hi' to each other....needless to say that Rent Guy hasn't introduced her yet....I had to figure out her name by listening, and this afternoon, she greeted me by name, so Rent Guy obviously told her that, as I haven't told her what it is, and Rent Guy never calls me by that either

FHG #2 is aware of FHG #3, but I don't know if FHG #3 is aware of FHG #2....nor do I know what would happen if they were both here together at the same time


FHG #3 has been making herself more-or-less at home, even to the point of doing some cleaning here and there as well

Oh...and she's older than Rent Guy as well....by how much, I don't know....a Gentleman doesn't ask questions like that (and no, neither do I)

Rent Guy is still seeing FHG #2, and, despite the fact that they're still having sex together, they will both deny that they're in a Relationship :-/

So....it remains to be seen how long *this* one will last I suppose....

He's still to find a place to move to as well, by the way, even though he keeps saying he has, without a Bank Loan, which he won't get, he won't be able to buy a place, and without First Rent and Bond....not to mention a few decent References....he won't get approval for another Rental, either

And yes, at the moment at least, he fully plans to continue in the next place what is getting him Evicted from this one :-(

Verily it I true what ha been speculated for so long by any would-be visiting alien..that there simply is no intelligent life on this planet :-/

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Got up this morning a little before 05:00, which is in itself a couple of hours later than I usually get up (mostly thanks to Dog in that regard), and proceeded to start with my normal routine….that is….turn on the Computer, and then got make some Coffee while that was starting

As soon as I turned on the light in the lounge room so that I could turn on the Computer, I saw someone lying on the couch, and of course, I woke him up

I said “Hi’ to him, and he went back to sleep until his alarm got him up about 06:15

“I’m Tony”, he says, “I’ll be staying here with you”

“Okay….”, I respond, “How long for?”

“Until they kick us out”, he says

Apparently he’ll be staying in Other Guy’s Room, and has a bed in storage – which I can only presume and hope that he’ll be getting sorted today, as I don’t particularly want to be greeted with that kind of thing every morning :-/

Nice of Rent Guy to tell people about things like this, huh?

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In the Soap Opera that appears to be my life….

Today, Rent Guy got a Registered Letter, which incidentally I signed for, which I’m thinking is illegal

I didn’t even sign for it properly….just put a squiggle, which I’m also thinking is illegal

Rent Guy went to pay The Rent last Friday, and he claimed that everything was okay….despite the week’s notice that The Agent claims to have given him a couple of weeks ago, but we never received, and yet, today he gets a VCAT Notice….which I’m seeing as Harassment, which is also illegal

Posted yesterday and lodged also with VCAT yesterday….

It stated that it was for “Persession of the property which the tenant has refused to vacate”

Yes, it actually said ‘Persession’, which I’m thinking can be seen as a Technicality, and thus, also wouldn’t be considered legal

“Which is why, if you’ve done six illegal things this morning, you should join us for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, at VCAT, the Court at the end of the Tenant/Land-Lord/Estate Agent negotiation process”

Oh wait….it’s only been 4….

Oh well :-/

Going by this Letter, Rent Guy is due to be there two weeks from today….

Well, I hope for his sake that he either has a good Lawyer, or he can get some decent Legal Aid, as I don’t think I want to be his Advocate, though it’s quite possible that I would have to be, as he obviously can’t understand written English – something he’s alluded to a number of times – and I doubt he’d bother showing me the Letter otherwise

Indeed….had I not been here to ‘sign’ for it, and the Postie just left a Card instead, chances are he wouldn’t have told me about it at all….again, unless he needed my help in understanding what it was about

We’ll see what happens in a couple of weeks then, I guess :-/

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He’s gone….

Good Riddance!!

And probably a few other similar sentiments

On Monday, when Other Guy got home from work, he started moving his stuff out….including his bed

Kept the Mattress there, but, took the bed, and he’s been sleeping on that the last few nights

He had someone with him helping him on Monday….whether it was the Church Friend, or whoever he got to take the room that I would have had, but obviously don’t as I’m not moving with him, or someone else entirely, I guess I’ll never know, huh?

This afternoon, one of his friends came over while he himself was at work, and took his Mattress….I can only presume that Other Guy knew about this, as the guy asked for him by his real name

Also….Other Guy still has some of his stuff here, so, whether he’ll bother with that or not, I guess I’ll find out in the next few days

FHG #2 came over today as well, as of course she often does, and it took her a couple of minutes before she realized, and she asked, “Has he moved out?”

As I mentioned in my previous Post, from what I’ve been told, Other Guy won’t be on The Lease….

Which means that, once his new house mates find out how annoying he can really be, they may well kick him out, and there’s nothing he can do about it :-D

I only hope that, should that happen, Rent Guy has been able to find somewhere to move to himself, as I definitely *don’t* want Other Guy thinking that he can move back in….again….just like he actually did back in March!!

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And clearly, obviously, he doesn’t….

Heard Other Guy discussing something with Rent Guy last night….

Didn’t understand the majority of what they were talking about, because of course, they were talking in Arabic to each other :-/

Heard him mention the Date of 25th, so I guessed that he was talking about when he’s planning on moving out

Rent Guy more-or-less confirmed that this morning when he told me what the discussion was about….

I didn’t even have to ask him about it, which in itself was a bit of a surprise

Turns out that Other Guy was ‘concerned’ about what was going to be happening to me when Rent Guy finds a place and moves out

In other words, Other Guy just wanted me to move in to where he was going just so that he wouldn’t have to pay any actual Rent

Indeed….Rent Guy told me this morning that Other Guy is going to be putting The Lease under the name of the Church Friend, which of course means that Other Guy won’t have any responsibilities to the place whatsoever, and can pretty much just piss off and leave Church Friend and whoever else he gets in the lurch, which I have no doubt whatsoever he will do!!

Rent Guy has said to me, on more than one occasion, that I have nothing to worry about, as, when he moves, and wherever he moves to, I’m welcome to move with him….which is something, I guess

Well, as I said to Rent Guy when he told me all this….quite frankly, I’ll only believe it when all his stuff is gone

Afterall….bu his own apparent ‘Schedule’, he was initially supposed to be moving out July last year….which became August….which became that first Thursday in September last year when Rent Guy got Dog….which became the end of January….

And here we are now….a year and a third since then, and he *still* hasn’t moved out

So….I think I can be forgiven for maybe sounding a tad cynical about this :-/

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As some would know by now, The Lease here won’t be renewed, and Rent Guy has to be out of here by mid Feb (and thus, me as well by default)

So far, he’s been looking at the more outer areas….partially because he thinks that will be cheaper, but also, because he wants the Acreage….

Sadly, he’s of the opinion that if he manages to get something on a large bit of land, he can do what he wants on it….regardless of what The Council might say, just as he has been doing here

Oh….and he also wants to buy it

Good luck with that one, as, aside from potentially being Black Listed because of what he’s done here (which is what made The Agent say that they won’t be renewing his Lease), but he’s unemployed, and thus, he won’t get a Bank Loan

“I don’t want to go through a Bank”, he says

So he’s been getting me to look for something that does Loans without Deposit

Um….he has his own Computer, and he has better access than me (yes, we’re both using the same Server, but the thing is, your average Computer….Lap Top or otherwise, isn’t actually designed for WiFi. Thus, if you are using something that *IS* designed for WiFi, such as his Tablet, that will hog the Connection!!)


I’ve sent him a few Links in that regard, so he can do what he like with them as he sees fit

That aside….

Currently, he’s looking at Bendigo, but, he’s also been looking at Sunbury, Bacchus Marsh, Ballarat, and Sale :-/

Other Guy won’t be moving with Rent Guy, as he works close to the City, and wants to stay relatively close to that if he can

On that note (A-Flat, I think it was), Other Guy asked me this morning if I had found a place yet….

I told him that I hadn’t, and mentioned that Rent Guy has offered to take me with him if he finds a place….that said….I also told him that I don’t particularly want to move to The Bush or The Country

He told me that he’s looking at a place in St Albans, and he gave me the option of moving with him instead

Based merely on what I’ve had to put up with over the past 18 months or so in his regard, quite frankly, given the choice, I’d rather move with Rent Guy

Other Guy *does* have one thing going for him though….he hates Dogs, so there won’t be any chances of him getting one in that regard

Oh….the place that Other Guy is currently looking at, is a three bedroom, and one of his friends from Church will be sharing it as well

He also said that my Rent will be more….by about $10pw, but that still adds up

I’m also kinda suspicious when it comes to things like that….I’m paying more than half the Rent here as it is now….by him saying that, how much would he and his friend be paying??

Granted, I don’t know how much the actual Rent is for this place in St Albans, but surely it can’t be *that* high??

Well, he’s given me a few days to think on it, but, at the moment, I’m thinking that I’ll be saying no

I’m looking myself as best I can also, but, if I don’t find anything in that regard, obviously, I’ll be moving with Rent Guy and all that that entails :-/

One good thing about that, though….he won’t have any of his Idiot Friends dropping in unannounced like he does here, as it would be too far for them to go :-)

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Recently I’ve been chatting with a friend of mine, and at their suggestion, I set about setting myself up with a Mental Health Care Treatment Plan

Ultimately, I would still like to get onto Disability Pension if I can, and at the moment, this would be the best way to do so


A week ago last Friday I get the ball rolling and call a Psychologist….not the one I’ve been seeing, but rather, the one my friend has been seeing, and he (the Psych) tells me that I need to do the Mental Health Care Treatment Plan, and to do that, I need to be set up with a GP

Now, as some of my Readers may remember, the last time I saw a GP was 4 years ago, and, as far as I’m concerned, I could have happily gone without ever seeing one ever again

That said….

So, Monday last week I went in to see a GP, and got things started there

I gave him the details of the Psych I would be seeing, such as I had them, and while I was there, he got me to give some blood to test my Cholesterol

He actually wanted me to do the Fasting thing, but I declined so that I could get it over with on the spot

As it happens, I almost Fainted at the time anyway, so who knows how bad I would have been if I *had* decided to do the Fasting first :-/

Went back on Thursday and got those Results, and he said that my Cholesterol was at 7.5, which is good in a way, as it’s 2 less than it was some 4 years ago

While getting that Result, they took some more blood to test for Hepatitis

Oh….great….yet *another* reason for me to be Depressed if I *that* as well

I saw the Psych on Friday, and started things going there….undecided if I’ll continue seeing this one, but, my next appointment with him is in a couple of weeks, so I’ll go to that one anyway at least

Also on Friday, I got a Form from Melbourne Pathology, basically saying that unless I give them the info they need, they’ll be sending me the Bill instead of Bulk-Billing it

The info they needed, incidentally, was my Medicare Number, which, oddly enough, was actually on the Form they sent me

Go Figure

So, when I went to the GP today to get the Results about the Hepatitis (Hep B – Negative, but apparently I don’t have any Immunity to it….Hep C – also Negative….Hep A he wasn’t concerned with, as, as he put it, “You don’t have it….if you did you’d know about it”. He didn’t comment on any of the other types), I asked him why I would have been sent the Form

He blamed the Nurse, the one that took my blood (same one, both times), but, she seemed to know what she was doing, so I doubt it was her that would have made a mistake like that

So, he told me that the Receptionist would fix it up

Nope….not her department, as far as she was concerned

Remember….the information that Melbourne Pathology was after, was my Medicare Number, which was recorded by the Receptionist Monday last week when I first went in to see this GP, and I signed the Forms they gave me at the time as well….plus, as I’ve already mentioned, that very same number, the one that they supposedly needed, was already on the Form that they sent out to me!!

Receptionist just kept on saying, “You need to call them and sort it out….we don’t send those off”

Well, clearly *someone* from there does so, otherwise the blood wouldn’t have been sent to Melbourne Pathology in the first place

I ended up just saying to the Receptionist, that she had all my details, the information they supposedly needed was on the Form anyway, so it’s not ‘my’ department, either, so *you* need to sort it out, left the Form with her, and left

I daresay that I’ll either get another Form or something from Melbourne Pathology in the next few days, or else a call from my GP (which I haven’t as yet, and that was about 1 ½ hours ago)

Looking back at this kind of thing….remind me again….*I’m* the one with the Mental Disability, right?

Because I fail to understand how people like the Receptionist get away with, “It’s not my department”, when clearly it is the department of *someone* that works there, and yet, *I’m* the one that’s supposed to have the Mental Disability??

To Quote from Parenthood….

“And *I’m* the one in Therapy

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Today, Rent Guy got an Eviction Notice….

It was delivered by Registered Post, which *should* have meant that only he could sign for it, but, the Postie allowed me to do so instead, even though Rent Guy was home and available at the time

I didn’t even really sign for it….just my first name, which just goes to prove that a lot of the time, those things aren’t checked anyway :-/


Notice is for 120 days, and was dated yesterday (which also proves how good Australia Post are in delivering important things like that!!), which, by my working out, puts it at 15th of Feb


And yes, I’m betting that Rent Guy only showed it to me in the first place (this soon, anyway) merely because he didn’t understand what it was about….

I told him it was an Eviction Notice….he didn’t understand that, so I just explained it as “It means we have to leave”

“No worries”

That seems to be his catch-phrase these days, as he’s trying to sound more ‘Aussie’ :-/

In the mean time, he’s been looking for somewhere else anyway, and he’s offered for me to move with him….I can only hope that The Agent hasn’t put him on some kind of ‘Do Not Rent’ database….a Black List, in other words

Illegal or not, I know full well that they exist :-(

I’m of two minds as to whether I would want to move with him or not….especially considering the Fire a few weeks ago (see my Entry on that one), but, currently at least, I have no better option

In any case, I just said “Maybe” when he asked me about that

Also, in the mean time….on Tuesday, Rent Guy got a Letter from The Council in the form of a Notice of Inspection….basically saying that they’ve received a number of complaints, and will be making an Inspection to check things out for themselves….

That was supposed to be for Wednesday (yesterday), but, Rent Guy called them and managed to arrange it for Friday (tomorrow)

THIS one seems to have got him at least a *little* scared, as he said to me, “When the Council come, you don’t live here….you’re a friend and you’re only visiting”

That said, not long after he said, “I’m not worried….as long as they’re Registered to me, they can’t do anything”

Indeed….a couple of weeks ago, he called Vic Roads in order to get a Special Permit for them….kinda close with that timing, I’m guessing :-/

Watch This Space for Details, I guess….

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Yesterday marked the Centenary of the School I went to last – Sunshine Technical School….a.k.a…..Sunshine Tech….a.k.a…..Sunny Tech

I was there from 1981 to 1984, and yet, it seemed like only yesterday….

Well, in this case, it *was* only yesterday :-p

Technically though, it wasn’t a Centenary, as, although Sunshine Tech was apparently founded on Monday, October 13, 1913, it also Folded some time in 1991 as well….and got turned into a Nursing Home from what I hear too

When I was in my final year there, there was talk about it merging with the TAFE that was next door….that, or with Footscray TAFE, which they had at least some links with anyway….evidently, they chose the former, and became Sunshine College, as Footscray TAFE is now part of Victoria University, and probably has been for some time, and the School that I knew as Sunny Tech has now been in use as a School again, but, only for Year 10 and 11, and most likely only in the last few years

As such, it now has two Principals….one for the College, who was a Math Teacher in my day, and one for the old School, and both were there yesterday, but it was the one for the College that was overseeing everything

There were a few changes here and there….most notably, what was the Vice-Principal’s Office in my time, is now the ‘Office of Well-Being’….I’m guessing that’s the new term for ‘School Counsellor’ or something :-/

Beyond that, though there were to be tours (which I didn’t stay for, as I arrived early, and managed to have a look around on my own before anyone else turned up), things hadn’t changed too much in the past 30 years :-/

I stayed for a couple  of hours, didn’t see anyone that I would have liked to catch up with, and managed to avoid at least one person that I *didn’t* want to catch up with, and then came home

Still….it was nice to see the old School once again :-)

Managed to get a CD of Photos from throughout the history of the School….many of which I see were just taken from the Facebook Groups associated with the School, as one of them was mine, and, as I was there for four years and that was the only one I ever got, clearly they copied it from where I posted it in the Facebook Group

No matter

Oh…..incidentally….if you’ve seen the latest AAMI Commercial, the one where Rhonda attends her School Reunion, that was filmed in the Assembly Hall for Sunny Tech :-)

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Just saw my first Wasp today (this year, anyway)….

Thought it was a large fly, so I went and got the Bug Spray, and just sprayed in that general direction

Turns out that it was a Wasp!!

Fortunately it was at the window, behind the curtain….but still inside the house and trying to get out

Seeing that the Bug Spray was having some effect on it, I drowned it in that

Looks like the Home-Brand Bug Spray has more effect on those than it does on the average fly, as it didn’t take too long to kill this thing

Tried warning Rent Guy about it, as, if there’s one, there’ll be others, and I had to actually explain what a Wasp was

That done, he just came back with, “I’m not worried….if I die, I die….you can’t die before your time”

Honestly, I don’t myself if I’m allergic to Wasps or Bees, and nor do I want to find out, which is yet another reason why I don’t go outside unless I really have to, and why I stock up on Bug Spray when I can as well :-)

Which, of course, doesn’t help if Rent Guy insists on keeping the door or window open (and often both) :-(

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So….what’s been happening recently?

Well yesterday, I paid The Rent….I had to cover the remaining balance of it myself – $180 – because I knew that Rent Guy would have taken his time to give me that money

It used to be paid every fortnight when Other Guy was paying it, and even for some time when I was paying it, but, since Rent Guy left his job some months ago, it’s now at the month that it’s paid, and he’ll often try and postpone that as much as possible as well :-(

While I was there, The Agent the fire on Thursday….

How they knew about it, I don’t know, but she asked what happened anyway

I just gave her the basics of what happened, and reassured her that it wasn’t in the house

She also mentioned that she’s been getting letters from The Council….whether these were recent ones, or ones from months ago, she didn’t specify, but she said that she wanted them removed within a week

I told her that I’d speak to Rent Guy about it, and she seemed content enough with that….for now, anyway

In other news….

Last week….both before and after the fire, Rent Guy was saying that he was wanting to get some more Rental Properties….preferably from the same Agent that he’s currently with….and up to three of them

His reasoning there (if such it can be called) is to have some extra income

Indeed….he’s even suggested I act as his ‘Agent’ in that regard, in that it would be me that would go and collect The Rent from them

Let’s look at the problems associated with that, shall we?

He couldn’t get anyone to take a Room here, so the chances of him getting a number of people to pay whatever he would be charging to make it worth his while are kinda slim

He won’t be allowing access to the garage in any of the properties, as he’ll be wanting that for storage and for his ‘work’

There’s probably more, but they’re probably the main ones….aside from the issue that he’s in breach of The Tenancy Act here as it is, so there’s no way he’ll be allowed to do what he’s planning in that regard

I’ve told him a few times that he needs to read The Tenancy Act, but he doesn’t listen to me, as he firmly believes that it doesn’t apply to him

He firmly believes that, as he’s paying Rent, he can do whatever he likes here….he can have 10 people living here if he wants to, and they can’t do anything to him :-/

I’ve tried telling him that The Agent can actually evict him without any notice if they really want to

Granted there would have to be circumstances for that to happen, and they have, believe me

He’s breached The Lease a number of times in itself, as well as having the cars still here, six months after The Council told him to remove them….again, he firmly believes that, as they haven’t enforced that, he’s got nothing to worry about :-/

And, of course, there’s the incident with the fire, which can be looked at as intentionally damaging the property….the fire itself may (or may not) have started accidentally, but, as he’s not actually allowed to have them here in the first place….any decent Lawyer would be able to use that to their advantage

He’s tried to console my fears somewhat by saying that if he gets evicted and thus has to move, I’ll be welcome to go with him to wherever he ends up going….small comfort, considering everything that’s happened here over the past 19 months or so :-/

I’ve also told him that he doesn’t have to pay for Water if he’s Renting, a confirmation which I’ve gotten from The Tenancy Union, and he doesn’t believe me….when he’s asked about it and said that he’s had to pay elsewhere that he’s rented in, I’ve told him that he’s getting screwed, and he doesn’t believe me there, either :-/

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Saw this, and thought I’d share

Even though you're broken.

Just because you're broken does not make you ugly or unattractive, you're just subject to repairs. That person sees the potential hidden behind your heavy guarded walls. They love all of your little corners, and they want to hold your hand to help clean out the other corners that you aren't so proud of. Even though you don't want to.

Someone loves you even though you're broken because they see all of the amazing qualities that you have. They see all of your strengths and weaknesses, although you may not. They see every positive light in you, even though you only see darkness.

Someone loves you even though you're broken, because they can simply see you will be more beautiful when they make you happy. They know how certain things can shine brighter when taken care of and fixed. They want to take the time to work with you, because they will love you even more when you see what they see.

Someone loves you even though you're broken because they can feel the warmth of your heart, and how easily it can love. Though you pretend to hide it. They see that you can burn brighter, and want all to see its beauty.

Someone loves you even though you're broken because they understand that you've been beaten and bruised, but it does not stop them from loving you any less. They hurt when you hurt. They cry when you cry. They feel as much for you, as you feel for them. Never let a day go by when you don't remind yourself of that.

There will be days when you won't let yourself believe that they truly love you, that you are best to leave them because they are too good for you. But take the time to look them in the eye, and all those doubts will disappear.

So the next time you ask yourself how anyone can want something that's broken...

It's because you deserve it and more.

Would that I could find such a person, though :-(

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Sooner or later, I guess….

As my Readers would know by now, Rent Guy has had a number of cars here on-and-off since February

Well, yesterday afternoon, about 4:30 – ish, one of them caught fire!!

I have no idea how it happened….first I knew about it was when Rent Guy was outside and knocked on the side window to get my attention….I thought he was just wanting me to help him move one of the cars, as he’s often done that, but no, as soon as I opened the front door, I was greeted with a blazing car

Rent Guy started a small attempt at a bucket brigade by filling something with water (I didn’t see what it was) and using that on the fire, until he went and got the hose from the back yard, and, while he was hosing the car with that, he kept on telling me to get water to use on the car, saying, “Water, please”

I tried to tell him that water was the wrong thing to use on something like that, as it would just end up spreading the fire, but of course he wouldn’t listen, and so I went and got a saucepan and used that – going back-and-forth in a sort of bucket brigade of my own

While all this was going on, Rent Guy called the Fire Brigade, and they arrived a few minutes later….but not before I heard a bang, which I think might have been the Petrol Tank….if so, it must have been pretty much empty, as there wasn’t an explosion as such, just a loud bang

As per usual though….there were idiots in cars blocking the access way!!

Rent Guy even went up and started directing the traffic to move out of the way

The Firies came in with their High-Pressure Hose (which is the only time water will have any effect in a Petrol Fire), and they quickly made short work of the fire, but still kept spraying the car, and the roof of the house, just to make sure, and then they spoke to Rent Guy for their Report

Whether Rent Guy actually Learns anything at all from any of this, is anyone’s guess….

In that area, he had two cars and the Crane Truck, as well as a LPG Tank right up against the house

I doubt the idiot even had a Fire Extinguisher!!

Just as I doubt that even this encounter will be enough for him to get one….or….more to the point, finally get rid of all those cars!!

Sadly, I think it’s a safe bet that he won’t have Learned anything out of any of this….especially as he had a customer calling him a few minutes after all this, and he *still* thought it was a good idea for them to come over!!

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Well, the Plumber came a little while ago and had a look at the leak….

I must confess that I was kinda expecting a ‘Max Tennyson’, but instead we got a ‘Maxine’

Yep, we got a Female Plumber :-)


She dug down a bit to have a good look at what the problem might be, and, after a little while, she found what it was

Turns out that it was the problem of the Solder, in that, it was Soft Soldered, which apparently melts when it heats up

Gee….Solder that melts when it gets hot….who knew? :-p

Joking aside, yeah, that’s apparently what the problem was….it got too hot and that’s what’s caused the leaking

Well, that’s the simple side of it, anyway….

However….the pipe in question goes under the house….under the Foundation, in other words, so she has to come back with the right equipment so that she can cut the concrete enough for her to be able to get at the pipe in order for her to fix the leak, which won’t be until Monday :-/

She made the suggestion of keeping the water turned off until then….turning it on only whenever we needed to have showers, but Rent Guy said that he would be turning it back on as normal

I just had a look at it, and although the Plumber covered it back up as best she could given the circumstances, it’s still sprouting out :-(

Whether Rent Guy will end up getting charged for this, in that, whether it’s shown as being his fault, or whether it will be shown to be the fault of whoever put those pipes in in the first place (or, more to the point, didn’t get them changed to comply with whatever the current Regulations are), I guess we’ll find out in due course, huh?

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I was thinking today about the Klingon Battle Armour that I used to have….


Luther: No reason. I just... like doing things like that!


While I *would* like to make another Armour one day, and may well manage to do so, that day is still some time off….at the moment, anyway

That aside….I was trying to remember the amount of times I actually wore it….

Thus far, in no order as such, I have the following….

TrekCon VI – August 1992

Scienceworks – June 1993

Belinda’s House Warming (some time in 1993, I think)

The Good Friday Appeal: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998

R.M.I.T. Sci-Fi/Gaming Club – 1994

Julian Jones Live – October (I think) 1996

Ice Skating – Enterprise ‘away mission’, probably 1995

Costuming Workshop – Enterprise Meeting – probably some time 1996

Committee Meeting – Enterprise – September 1995

Generations Premier

First Contact Premier

Herald/Sun Marathon Promotion – January 1996

Book Week – Elwood Primary School – August 1995

Fabian’s Alien Party – 1999

StarFest – August 1995

Multiverse II – September 1996

StarFest – November 1996

And there would have been at least one (probably a few) test fits in 1992 as well

All this, over the course of only about 6 ½ years

Which, I guess, does kinda beg the question….in the event that I *am* able to make a new Klingon Battle Armour (which of course I’m hoping to be able to do, one day), how many times would I be wearing *that* one??

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Rent Guy is trying yet again to get a better Internet Service….

Currently, he’s looking at ADSL

He’s been told that he needs a special Modem for it, which he thinks he can just plug in to a normal Phone Socket – i.e. – Telstra Wall Socket

I’ve asked him a few times if he actually has a Land Line, and he believes he does, but, he’s actually been talking about his Mobile, which he uses as a Home Phone….the Proof of that came thins morning when, for some reason known only to himself, he tried to plug his Mobile into the Telstra Socket :-/

I’ve told him that he needs to get a converter plug/cable, in order to plug the ADSL Modem into the Telstra Socket

He just said, “That one doesn’t work anyway”, and also claimed to have one in his room which does work

If it’s the same type of Socket, he won’t have been able to get to it because of where it is, so chances are, he won’t have been able to check it yet to see if it’s working anyway :-/

Nevertheless, he’s called an ADLS Company, and they’ve sent him out a letter, but no Modem as yet (I can tell that by the lack of package from them as yet)

In other news….

He’s been having issues with a water leak recently, and he’s called the Agent, who’s called a Plumber out to look at it a couple of days ago, who supposedly couldn’t find the problem

They sent another guy out today (what the difference is between this guy and the Plumber, I have no idea), who managed to locate the problem, and he’s called the Agent who will be sending a Plumber out again

Rent Guy seems to believe that that’s not his problem, in that, he won’t be liable for the costs in that regard, well, that remains to be seen, I guess, but I’m thinking he will be

This guy even made the suggestion to turn the water off so that he wouldn’t be paying for the leaking water, to which of course Rent Guy replied that it wasn’t his problem :-/

Again, we’ll just have to see, won’t we?

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Recently, I posted a question here about the possible meaning for a letter I found with some historical information that I got via E-Bay on CDs….a Census of sorts

The letter in question, as it appeared, was (F.), and was after the person’s name, but before any occupation that they might have had

The response here in Live Journal to my query suggested that it might be either Freemason or Formerly

Alas, the letter in question is also for women, and women can’t be Freemasons (although, as I understand it, they have their own variation)

So….I asked another amateur Genealogist that I’m in contact with, and they suggested Freeholder

While that might make sense for the majority of them, it seems odd that, out of 18 Gentry listed, only 9 of them have this letter after their names (including, as it happens, one of my own Ancestors), with 5 of them being women, and I would have thought it would be odd for women to be owners of property back then (we’re talking 1793-98)

I also would have thought that, by mere definition, if you’re Gentry, you’re also the owner of property

So, I tried contacting the person that sent the CDs in the first place, who, of course, didn’t know

I then tried contacting the Records Office for that area, and, while waiting for them to reply, I also contacted the State Library in Melbourne

Records Office said that they didn’t know either, but, from the information that the State Library found, it seemed to confirm the Freeholder one

In all, out of the names included, in the Gentry section, 9 out of 18 have that, including 5 women as I mentioned

2 out of 4 Attorneys (none of them women)

32 out of 172 Traders, with only 3 of those being women

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About two and a half weeks ago, I got called in by my Case Manager so that she could tell me that I was going to be starting a Course soon….starting that coming Friday, as it happens

So, that Friday, which was a week and a half ago, I went in and started the Course in question….all well and good, you might expect

However….a couple of hours after that, I noticed my Myki missing, which I know I had that morning as I used it that morning, and only noticed it gone when I went to look for some ID to use for joining the Course

Thinking that I might have left that at home accidently, I nonetheless made mention of it to both the Instructor and also to my Case Manager

That afternoon I had a look to see if the ID in question actually was at home, and it wasn’t, so the next day, the Saturday, I sent a listing of what was missing to my Case Manager, informing her also that, unless they were returned during that coming week, I wouldn’t be continuing with the Course

A few days ago, I start getting Voice Mails on my Mobile, even though I’ve told her a few times that I don’t want that, and for her to just send me an E-Mail about whatever it might be about (my recent issues with the Internet here aside), and, presuming it actually was her that was doing it (I had no Credit on that Phone, so I couldn’t even check those Messages), I sent her an E-Mail to ask if it was

She said it was, and that she needed me to go in so that we could talk about the Course and why I wasn’t continuing with it

And yet….she couldn’t have stated that much in an E-Mail??

So….I went in today, explained again why I wouldn’t be continuing with the Course

Simply put….if it turns out that one of the people in that Course did take my things, which is what I’m suspecting, then who’s to say that that kind of thing won’t be happening on a regular basis??

She just gave me a speech about learning to trust people more, as I won’t get anywhere in life otherwise (she’s a Buddhist), and I have no actual proof that it was someone in that Course that took them anyway

That said, she *seemed* content with my not continuing with the Course, but, for all I know, she may well report me to Centrelink in that regard as well….I guess I’ll find that out in the next week or so….especially if I find that I haven’t gotten my Benefits :-/

While I was in the area, I went in to Centrelink to request a new Health Care Card and Job Seeker Card (two of the items that were taken) be sent out to me, and to also make sure that, whoever took my Health Care card, hadn’t tried to change my Address in the mean time

That done, they gave me a photocopy of my Card so that I could use it as a Temporary until a new one could be sent out

Yes, I probably should have done that a week and a half ago, but, wanted to give whoever it was the opportunity to hand them in to my Case Manager (or at least to Reception)

Clearly, that didn’t happen, huh?

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I got some CDs via E-Bay recently to help with Genealogy, as they have some information similar to Census for various years ranging from 1793 – 1895

In going through them, I’ve found that I need to remember that, in those days, they used f as s, which makes things somewhat confusing :-/

I’ve also found a few things that I needed to utilise Google for to help me work out whether what I’m seeing there is/was an actual word, or merely a spelling mistake at the time of printing

That said, I’ve found something that, so far, Google doesn’t seem to be able to help with….

In one particular section (so far, anyway), that for Holywell in the 1793-98 one, there are a number of people with (F.) after their names

I’ve seen this with male and female, so it’s not indicative of that, and I’ve seen it with Gentry, Attorneys, and Trades people, so it’s not indicative of occupation either

For example….

In the Gentry section, we have:

Edwards Thomas, Gent. (F.)

And, a couple of other examples….

Humphreys Hugh, Esq. (F.) Attorney

Bramwell William, (F.) Victualler, Maltster, and Tanner

Any thoughts as to what the (F.) might be for?

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A couple of weeks ago, Rent Guy, in his ‘Infinite Wisdom’, decided to get more download capacity from his Internet Provider, and so, instead of paying for a possible upgrade, he saw what appeared to be a better deal with another company, so he changed from Optus to Telstra….so far, well and good….more-or-less….


He doesn’t tell me anything about it at the time, but gets a package from them on the 16th, and waits until the following Wednesday, the 21st, to tell me what was happening

That morning, I was still able to use the Optus Account as normal, but, that afternoon, when he told me what he was doing, he turned off the Optus one in favour of the Telstra one

He gives me the Password for it, and presumably, everything’s okay, right?

Nope….it won’t connect

So….that Friday, the 23rd, he gets another package from them, and when I ask him when it’s going to be connected, he says that he needs to Register it first

This continues for a day or so and then he tells me that someone is coming out from Telstra on the Monday, the 26th, to look at it….nobody came and Other Guy called them that night while going through the Installation Procedure with them….which didn’t work

So, he tries to go back to Optus the next day, but claims that they want too much money

In the meantime, I’ve had to make use of The Library as best I can, and he’s said to me that I can use his Tablet for access if I need to


Disregarding, for the moment, the fact that I don’t like using someone else’s device if I can help it (especially as I don’t want them to see by browsing history), one wonders what Provider his Tablet is using, if it’s not the same as the house-hold one….


This past Friday, the 30th, he *FINALLY* manages to get one of those portable things from Vodaphone, and I was finally, after a week and a half, able to get access once again

Now all he needs to do is to remember to leave it turned on!! :-/

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I had an Appointment with my Case Manager Tuesday last week, in which she told me about some Jobs that were coming up that I might be interested in, and set me up with an Appointment to see their ‘Business Development Representative’ to further discuss one in particular

Remember, this was Tuesday last week that I got told about this

On Thursday, I E-Mailed my Case Manager to confirm the details, which as far as she was concerned were still current

Remember, this was last Thursday

So….today, giving them the benefit of the doubt, I went in to the Appointment as scheduled….

Turns out that the Business Development Rep had no specific idea of why I was there!!

This was the first time I had met with her, incidently, just as November was the first time that I had met with her predecessor….even though I’ve been with this mob since March last year

Anyway….it’s pretty clear, as I speculated, that she had no idea of why I was there, as she starts talking about a few potential jobs that she might be able to line me up with, but not the one that I was actually there to talk to her about in the first place, and, when I asked about that one, she said, “Oh, that one was already filled Monday last week”

She went on to say, “I’ll make some calls to see if that one’s still available”, but, I haven’t heard back from her yet, so I’m not exactly holding my breath on that one :-/

I even, on good faith, sent both her and my Case Manager copies of my updated CV, and again, I haven’t heard back from either of them as yet (I saw her at 10:00, and it was just before 11:00 that I sent them my updated details….it’s now almost 2, and still nothing)

See….this kind of thing is exactly why I was wanting to change my Provider back in April (it was actually March, when they stuffed-up and had me down as working, when I wasn’t, but I figured I’d give them another shot after that)

Clearly, nothing has really improved on that score :-(

Supposedly, she’s got me down for something happening this Thursday evening, which she’ll be sending me details of in an E-Mail….again, I haven’t received anything on that, and again, I’m not holding my breath for it, either

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When Other Guy got home yesterday evening, he started talking to Rent Guy about something, and then an argument started….

Naturally, they were speaking in Arabic, so I couldn’t understand what they were talking about, except for the words ‘Real Estate’, which they said in English, and ‘Monday’, likewise

The argument went back and forth for some time, as it went on for a bit, seemed to stop, only to start up again, so it definitely would have been a couple of hours at least all up

Going by the few English words that they used and that I’ve mentioned, Other Guy has finally been given his marching orders (yay!!)

Indeed….when I got on to the Fetish Site that Rent Guy and I are both on, I saw that he had posted a couple of Ads in that regard….both the same, but, in different Groups

It’s the same as his last one, but, here’s a reminder of it for those that might not remember

Hi all.
Male or Female wanted to share house with two Kinky Males in Western Suburbs of Melbourne (Deer Park)
$150 pw, includes Rent, Bills, and Internet (WiFi) and the room have Single Bed and Cupboard.
we have Plates,Cups,pots and pans, you can use it with us.
just you need to buy your own food,drink and your own stuff.
you don't have wash your dishes,my housemate he enjoyed do that for everyone.

Close to Bus and not too far from Shops (roughly 1K in either direction)
Long-Term or Short-Term preferred.
PM me if interested :-)

I *do* take issue with this a bit, as it states that I enjoy doing the dishes (I’m the only one here that actually does them)

Rent Guy even said to me in conversation only last week, “You enjoy doing those, don’t you?”, to which I replied, “Actually, no I don’t….I don’t enjoy spending an average of two hours every day doing dishes”

But….if the last time is anything to go by, I have no need to be concerned on that score, as he’s probably not likely to get anyone anyway :-p

Indeed….it will be more likely that FHG #2 will take that room, and even pay the Rent that the Ad asks for, as at least it will be a bit better than the place she’s in at the moment

And….while I’ve had issues with her, at least she’s better than Other Guy, and she *has* at least helped with the Chores a couple of times, so on that note at least, I’ll welcome her to move in there :-)

Also….there’s no mention of when the room will be available, and there’s no mention about the Dogs (Dog and Dawg)….

Indeed….he’s had one query that I’ve seen asking if pets are allowed, to which he’s said no, so, we’ll see what happens there, I guess :-/

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