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Updates - Dúnedan
Nothing really much has been happening of late....same old shit, different day, sort of thing, as per usual, it seems....

About the only thing of Note is that The Owner came round recently, saying that he'll be removing the Garage at the back of this place with the intention of building another house there....well, I can only presume that he has all the necessary Permits for that, as I know from experience that The Council will only allow one Residential Building on a particular Property

Rent Guy has had a talk with him, and everything *appears* to be okay, as far as us staying here is concerned, but, it could also very well mean that we'll have to move again soon....

Rent Guy seems to be on that, as he often seems to be checking Rental Listings, so, we'll see what happens there, I guess :-/

Currently, he seems to be looking at Laverton....more so at the moment because it's a different Council to here than anything else, I think....


I'm not too worried....Rent Guy still says that he'll take me with him wherever he goes, so, there's *that* security, at least

Granted, I'd obviously much prefer a place of my own, but, there's no way I'd be able to afford The Rent by myself, so, I'll take what I can get in that regard :-/


Aside from that....

I recently got 'He Died With A Falafel In His Hands' for my Kindle, and have since read that....

I've seen the Movie a few times, so I figured it was about time that I read the Novel as well, and yes, while I haven't lived in as many places as the Author seems to have, I can definitely see myself in a number of those stories :-/

I've also gotten the Sequel to it, 'The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco', and am about halfway through that one, and I have since been inspired to write my own version....just writing it, at the moment....probably won't try to Publish it, but, ya never know :-)

The Postings I've made here over the last three years (as it *really* been that long??) should help in that regard....when I eventually get to that stage, that is, as currently, I'm up to some 12 years ago, but, I'll get to 'here' eventually :-)

I *should* manage okay with my Postings here, as well as some Notes I made some years ago....kinda hesitant to ask Rent Guy to help me with any details I may have forgotten, as you can probably imagine :-/

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