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Pen Pals - Dúnedan
Pen Pals
Well, form the time I posted that I would like to get a Pen Pal, I've not had much luck in getting a decent one....

I've become a Member on a few Pen Pal Sites, and have even listed an Ad, including my Address, on one particular Site, and have had very varying success, to say the least :-/

Some six months or so ago, I made a Writing Folio out of Leather, with the intent of taking the Pen Pal thing a tad more seriously, and, posting Ads in various Forums, including a Trek one, I managed to get some responses....or so I thought....

At the time, I got a response from someone in Bavaria, and one in Canada....both of whom claimed to have sent me a letter....but....some six months later, I'm still waiting for the one from Bavaria to arrive....call that the fault of Australia Post, or some other issue....difficult to say, really...

I *did* get the one from Canada, but, haven't gotten anything since :-/

In the mean time, I've received a few E-Mails from people claiming to have gotten my details from Sites that I didn't even know I was a Member of....mostly from Russia, for some reason, though one I got from Ukraine

I've even written to a couple of people on the Site that I put my Address on, and had started getting responses to that, and also had one from Germany contacting me that way, but, they didn't seem to last, for whatever reason :-(

Today, I got one from Florida....from a Prisoner, of all people, claiming to have gotten my details from the International Pen Pal Club, which again, I didn't even know I was a Member of....I *am* a Member of Global Pen Pals, but, I don't have my Address there

Weird, to say the least :-/

Granted, I *had* considered doing the Prison Pen Pal thing as well, as I have a couple of Links for that, but, hadn't yet done so


With the increasing cost of the Stamps, not to mention the continued lack of service from Australia Post (or, more accurately, the Australia Post Franchises - the L.P.O.s), I started thinking a few months ago that it was no longer worth the effort to continue with the Pen Pals :-/

I may yet change my mind and try to start up with them again at some point, but, at the moment, I'm thinking....probably not

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