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Came Very Close To Losing It!! - Dúnedan
Came Very Close To Losing It!!
A few weeks ago, Rent Guy got a Crane Truck....this was ultimately what he was getting the Truck Licence for in the first place....

Now, he's been drving it in and out of the drive way a few times since he's had it, if for no other reason than because it's too big to leave parked out front....and yes, it *will* fit in the drve way....if you get the angle correct

Which brings me to today....

He's trying to drive it out, and keeps getting stuck in the wooden fence....no matter what he tried, he kept getting stuck each time he moved forward or back....so often that I yelled at him to stop....a few times, and I said to him, either he backs up, or I slash his tyres....

Empty threat on my part, as the knife probably wouldn't have gone in very easily anyway....but *he* didn't know that

So....he keeps doing it, and I keep telling him....in the end I tell him to turn the engine off and come inside, as what he's doing isn't accomplishing anything

He comes in and is wondering why I'm getting upset....he actually says to me, what he does is his business, not mine....it's not your house, he says to me

Well, news flash, it's not his, either, and, quite frankly, everything he does concerns me....especially if it's going to get us evicted (again), so I yell at him

While I'm yelling at him, I say to him, either I get angry and yell at him, or I hit him....his choice

So....we both go off to our respected corners to cool down a little, while I at least try to think of some kind of solution, which I *thought* was the right one, but, whether it was or not, I'll probably never know, as, while he listened to a little of what I was telling him, he proceeded to do it his own way anyway, which was, I guess, to be expected :-/

In the end, yes, he *did* succeed in driving out....the fence lost a support pailing, and the gate lost a panel....

I'd be surprised, quite frankly, if neither the fence nor the gate fall down over night

Plus....he's still got to drive it back *in*, as well

He'll probably complain to me later today or sometime tomorrow about this, but, meh

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the_dags From: the_dags Date: October 6th, 2014 09:16 pm (UTC) (Link)
So did he actually buy this thing or just hire it for a while?
man_of_the_west From: man_of_the_west Date: October 6th, 2014 10:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
As far as I know, he's bought this one, just like the smaller one beforehand....what he ultimately decides to do with it, I'm not sure even he really knows for sure....

He was doing the Heavy-Rigid Course to get his Licence there as I said, but I don't know if he finished that or has gotten the Licence as yet....none of my concern, as he so politely indicated....except of course when he's destroying the place, as he came close to doing a couple of times with that Truck :-/
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