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Now There's A Turn Up.... - Dúnedan
Now There's A Turn Up....
Rent Guy has never really been the best of dfrivers in the time that I've known him....seeming to believe, like 'Rain Man', that he's an "Excellent Driver"....

Indeed....in one particular incident that I heard about, he almost drove into a Police Car, but, wasn't worried about it because he was insured :-/

A couple of times, though, he has tried to get a Truck Licence....both times that I know of only going for the one day (though the course was longer than that), and quitting it, so, it's with some surprise that he's been trying again recently....

He went last week to start h Medium Rigid, but stopped doing that one opting to try for Heavy Rigid instead, which he started on Monday....and yes, I had to get him up then as well as yesterday, at 06:00....even then it was close to 06:30 both times before he finally did get up :-/

He's said that he's going back to get more training, because he doesn't think he's a good driver....first time I've heard him do that!!

It *might* have something to do with the Crane Truck he has....not the small one he got some time ago....he sold that one, and he got a larger one a couple of weeks ago....

I *did* ask him, when he said he was going back, whether there were any girls there that might have had anything to do with it, and he said there were some in the office there....so....*that* might be part of the reason, too :-p

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