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Attachment Disorder? - Dúnedan
Attachment Disorder?

I watched Good Will Hunting today, as a small tribute to the late Robin Williams, and, while I would never be able to be as intelligent as Will, I could definitely see bits of myself in both Will and Sean....

I also found myself wishing that I had a Therapist like Sean as well....the ones that I've been seeing have been okay as people to talk to on occasion, but, aren't really much help beyond that, as I think that they're merely seeing me more because it's a case that they're being paid to, rather than them trying to help me in any way....that's my take on it, anyway....

Plus...I'm only seeing them about once a month or so, so, that doesn't really help in that regard either....especially as, regardless of what notes they may take at the time, I usually find that we end up just going over what I've already discussed with them in an effort to remind them (and indeed me, as my memory isn't usually the best these days either), before getting into anything new that might be happening with me :-/

Indeed....the one I've been seeing on-and-off for the past couple of years, awhile ago had the attitude that I don't need to see her anymore (she actually told me that), but is still keeping with the sessions, I'm sure because she's being paid to do so....and the other one, that I started seeing in November, I stopped seeing a couple of months ago because the allotted sessions ran out


During the Movie they talk about Attachment Disorder, and, looking at what that is, I find myself wondering....could I, along with all of my other varied problems, have that as well?

Looking at the way in which Will treated Skylar, though I myself have rarely been in a relationship to that magnitude (not for lack of trying at times, though), I can see a lot of myself there, too :-(

I've actually been told, by one of my Facebook friends, "You don't like people, do you?"

There are definitely times when I think that she might have been right about that one :-/

I also found myself thinking, at the end of the Movie, when he gets a car for his 21st (albeit a crappy one), "He gets a car for his 21st....what did I get for my 21st? Clothes and some cash!"

The cash I used to buy Beer with on my way home....not a lot, just a 6-pack (it wasn't that much cash), and I remember the Bartender (of The Beehive in Kew, which had a Bottle Shop as well), in an effort to strike up a conversation, looked at the already opened package that still had the 'Happy 21st' wrapping around it, and said, "Going to a 21st?"

"Just been", was my response

"Oh, Happy Birthday"

That was about the highlight of that one :-/

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