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The Puppy Whisperer - Dúnedan
The Puppy Whisperer
I was outside earlier today playing with the Pups, which I try to do when I can, when a Thought struck me....

And yes....it *does* hurt when that happens :-/


Back when Rent Guy got Dog, I bought a few things for him myself...just cheap things from Reject, like a Brush and stuff

I made use of such on Dog at the time, and then I saw that Rent Guy had the same idea and had gotten likewise, so put the stuff I got away somewhere and forgot about them

So, I was out there today and had the idea of getting such things next time I was at the shops, only to start thinking, "Hang on, I bought such things awhile ago....I wonder if they're still around?"

Had a hunt around and found the Brush, so I took that back outside and started brushing the Puppies down....they seemed to like that so I'll try to remember to do that every now and again for them :-)

Naturally, Dog and New Dawg saw what I was doing and wanted some of it as well, so I brushed them down a bit also....those two could probably do with a bath as well, come to that, but I'll let Rent Guy deal with that one :-p

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